Where are the YOUNG computer experts?

YOUNG computer experts…

C.S writes: How about a mentor program between the YOUNG computer experts and some of us older agents to teach us how to access and use social media?

Frank: Wow C.S., have you ever heard of age discrimination? Implying that technology professionals have to be young is factually inaccurate, as 46% of Facebook users are 45 or older. Our savvy trainers here at ARMLS® have been exuberantly training Subscribers of all ages on social media options successfully for a couple years now.

ARMLS trainers can get you off and running with social media skills, no matter what your age, and they can show you how to maximize your exposure and showcase your business through these venues.

And that isn’t all! Not only are formal classes scheduled for various locations around the Valley, (find them here) but our venerable trainers are available for customized office visits where YOU select the learning topics!

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  1. Jon Griffith

    Do you remember all of those piano lessons you took when you were young? Do you play the piano now? Is it because you had no interest in it and didn’t practice? Learning technology requires that you embrace the world that it has created and understand the concepts and reasons WHY we use it. I’m 40 years old and I’ve been using computers since I was in 4th grade. If you can’t type, that’s the first place you need to go. If you’re “too old to learn” then you simply need to change your mindset regardless of how difficult that may be. It’s really a small price to pay to open yourself up to a whole new world of communication. Social Media is a really stupid word for what we’ve been for thousands of years: Social. Don’t let the technology get in the way of that…use it to connect.

  2. Desert Peak Realty News via Facebook

    45 is still young, isn’t it?

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