What Home Searchers Could Learn from The Beatles

Okay, we’re not really going to talk about The Beatles in this post, but we wanted to make a point – coming up with unique real estate blog content is hard. The post idea came from Portent’s content idea generator based on keywords we entered. Real estate search tactics based on The Beatles could be a fantastic idea for the right Subscriber. Possible headings / points could be:

1. Living on Penny Lane – choosing the right neighborhood.
2. I Want to Hold Your Hand – using a portal vs. Google for home searches.
3. Financing Help! – because we all need somebody.

Here’s the URL to the Content Idea Generator: http://www.portent.com/tools/title-maker/



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  1. James Moyer

    The only issue you might have is copyright issues. Before using any of the suggested ideas I would just make sure your not infringing on anyone else creative work.. Good topic

    • ARMLS Social Media Team

      That doesn’t really apply here, you can talk about someone’s creative work, it’s called nominative use. If you included a non-licensed copy of the music, that would be a problem.

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