The House of the Future

Winner Rylan Holland and CEO Matt Consalvo

Rylan Holland is the winner of the ARMLS Essay Contest for ages 8-12, his winning entry is below. Read the winning 13-18 year old entry here. Due to space limitations, only the first place entry from each category has been posted, the others are also superb.

The House of the Future by Rylan Holland
The House of the Future would be built for convenience and customization. The house can change depending on who is walking through the rooms. The home has scanners that would read the family members’ retinas. Some of the customized systems in the house would be walls disappearing into the ceiling depending on if you want to shorten or expand rooms. You can also decide wall and carpet colors and designs too, if you desire. For instance furniture will automatically change to how a family member would like it. One couch would be glossy and pink to one family member, and be red and cushy to another. Beds would have an advanced technology called SnoozTec, which would sense the warmth or discomfort of a sleeper. It would automatically adjust the firmness, music, lights, and temperature of the bed.

There would also be moving walkways on conveyor belts that could take you through your house. You would of course be able to control what speed and destination you want.

Rylan reading his winning essay

One of the most popular and expensive items would be the PS80. The PS80 is a special gaming room where you are in a large dark room with rounded walls, like a circle. There would be a 360 degree hologram projection of a game that happens all around you. You are INSIDE all the action. You would be able to use your five senses: sight, taste, sound, touch, and smell. If you got injured in the game, you would restart on the’ last checkpoint, and be perfectly fine in reality.

Every family will have a rocket ship garage, because in the future humans will have already settled in, and take vacations on, other planets.

If you care about the environment (which everyone should), then you can purchase the Green Machine for your house, which is a trashcan that you throw your waste in. Then, the trashcan simultaneously converts the trash into fuel for your rocket ship, and electricity for your house.

Even though I love my house that I live in now, I am more excited for the House of the Future. It is going to be amazing and it will be a sanctuary for me and my family when I’m grown up. Maybe my job will be to sell these awesome houses to families. That would make me proud!


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