The “Filming Yourself Talking About the Market While Driving” Video Trend

Maybe this is a meme (a culture trend that exists on the Internet) or some secret sales tactic  – why are so many Agents filming themselves talking about the market while driving? We’re not judging here, we just see these videos daily and wonder what’s going on?! If it’s working for you, keep working it. We do question the safety of filming this type of video. Some examples from outside our service area:

Still in the car, but not moving:

Our prediction for the next RE video trend: Nighttime!


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  1. Emmy M McLeish via Facebook

    It is like dressing the part, the consumer believes this is what we agents do, “drive around showing homes”. Personally I think it is as advisable as texting while driving.

  2. Emmy Basch via Facebook

    Talk about distracted driving!! Please folks – STOP IT!!!

  3. Emmy M McLeish via Facebook

    Well the “Emmy” vote is in, NO!

  4. Cate Campbell via Facebook

    Because people can’t sit still and be quiet any more!

  5. Todd Mittness via Facebook

    If your car is good enough to sleep in…lol.

  6. Karla Dent via Facebook

    Amazing! Some of these are Attorneys…traveling at a pretty fast pace (guessing from the scenery and the trees blippng by) How to get yourself in HUGE trouble flapping your gums to ‘sound important’…there isn’t a ‘go back’ button if you say something illegal or just plain stupid! Guess this is the new version of 15 minutes of fame.

  7. Cameron Simpson via Facebook

    Absolutely unbelievable! Nothing is that important that it can’t wait till you stop. As a paramedic for 6 years on these valley streets this is very disturbing. No wonder we are top in the nation for Red Light running and Fatalities. Just wrong!

  8. Michael Collins via Facebook

    I don’t get it. Stupid. What’s the point??

  9. Larry Dignan via Facebook

    Dumb as texting while driving. Maybe it makes them look busy or just dumb???

  10. Artur Ciesielski via Facebook

    I thought this trend was over a long time ago.

  11. Debra Savittieri

    I find that, Most of the Realtor’s who film them selves for this type of Marketing:
    (1.) Give out useless info.
    (2.) The Realtors are not very Professional looking since they are filming thru a spoon lenz phone.
    (3.) Are yelling or talking too loud and too fast about nothing.
    (4.) NOT personable enough to keep our attention.Yawn!
    (5.) Egocentric Realtors do this type of advertorials.

  12. Carnival of RE Video

    I am AMAZED that you were able to find all of those videos! I thought I watched a lot of real estate videos but you guys are in another league.

    You missed, however, the godfather of that style of real estate video, Ian Watt in Vancouver,

    When he started doing that style of video in about 2008 Ian got truckloads of attention from real estate blogs and others for being a cutting edge guy. For a lot of real estate agents, Ian’s were the first real estate agent videos they had ever seen. At the time, Ian was sort of the Gary Vaynerchuk of real estate agents.

    I wouldn’t do that style myself because of safety concerns but the style has a lot of visual energy with the background constantly changing and I always feel a little tension about the driver’s safety. It’s less boring than most other talking-head style videos.

    I prefer to shot out in the community to show the life style off in the background but technically that can be a pain in the neck – you have to drive somewhere and then it could be too windy or so sunny you look like a old vampire. There are technical reasons that shooting in your car is very convenient.

  13. Dean Ouellette

    As someone who does this let me chime in. First as far as safety, it is perfectly safe, at least the way I do it. I stop car, hit record and then start driving. I talk as i am driving, it is mounted on a window mount so I am not touching it. Perfectly safe. As a matter of fact it is the SAME exact thing as me talking to a client in the passenger seat. And that is why I do it. People get the same experience and conversation from me on the video as they get driving with me. Now I have been doing this off and on since 2009, so it is not a new thing. But it is one I enjoy doing. As a matter of fact I just got an intro done and going to start calling mine.. Conversations form the car.

    • ARMLS Social Media Team

      Dean, our comment on safety was based on a few of the examples from the post where the person is clearly not watching the road. It is certainly not based on your videos. You’re right it isn’t new, but it is popular again now that the market is picking up a bit. Like we said, if it works for you keep working it.

      • Dean Ouellette

        Thanks.. yes to be fair i have not watched the examples yet and it was more of response to the safety issue i hear all the time. but now really intrigued and time to start watching… 🙂

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