The Benefits of Responsive Design

Things should look a little different on our blog. Responsive design is an advanced method where websites look awesome on all screens and devices. Normally, an additional mobile theme is developed in traditional web design, in responsive design it is one-design-will-fit-all. Responsive design is cutting edge stuff using HTML5, but it is available to all of us. Advanced WordPress users should check out these responsive designs, others should talk to your web design person.

Why you should care about responsive design:
It is really about the user experience of your clients. Is your website a nightmare on the iPhone or tablet? Investigate how much of your website traffic is mobile through Google Analytics or your website person. Take a look at your website from multiple devices, then determine if a responsive design would be a benefit. For ARMLS, our Subscribers are very tech savvy and using a responsive design was a must.

More info on our redesign:
Not only is our blog design new but we are now using Disqus for comments. Disqus allows our readers to comment using their social media accounts without the need to create an ARMLSblog account. We also are re-committing to publishing content on a more regular basis. Lastly, Lockbox Reports have been moved to the lockbox section


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