Updated: Supra iPhone eKey – Apple Pin Problem

iPhone 4S (left) with 30 pins, iPhone 5 with 8 pins (right)


Update 1/22: The Supra iPhone 5 eKey is now at all ARMLS Support Centers.
Update 12/4: The Supra iPhone 5 eKey (no need for a pin adapter) will be available the first weeks of January 2013.

Originally posted on 9/28 – Apple recently released the iPhone 5 and iOS6, there are a few things to note if you use the iPhone eKey. Android users are unaffected.

A note on terminology: Android and Blackberry users use a “fob” to open lockboxes, Apple users use a ” Supra adapter”, this is not to be confused with the Apple “pin adapter” which corrects the pin problem stated below. See them pictured here.

iOS6 – The operating system for Apple mobile devices
Good news, if you upgrade your iPhone or iPad to iOS6, the eKey app has been tested and it works.

iPhone 5 – the newest iPhone being sold
The new iPhone 5 has a different port connector than all other Apple mobile devices. The Supra iPhone adapter (pictured here) has 30 pins, the new iPhone 5 connector has only eight. So, the Supra iPhone adapter is incompatible with the iPhone 5. A pin adapter is soon to be released by Apple and then will be tested by Supra. We will keep you updated on this post. Below is a statement released by Supra on the iPhone 5.

Please note that Supra has yet to receive a “Lightning” adapter from Apple, so we are not able to confirm that eKEY is compatible with the iPhone 5 at this time. The iPhone 5 uses a new connector called “Lightning” that is much smaller than Apple’s previous 30-pin connector. As a result, the current Supra eKEY adapter required to interact with iBoxes will not plug directly into the iPhone 5.

Supra plans to support the iPhone 5. We will confirm compatibility as soon as we receive a Lightning connector from Apple and test it and make any changes to our products that are required. We are also exploring a fob/adapter design that may not require Apple’s Lightning adapter, and we will provide more information on that as it becomes available.

Supra customers who wish to use the iPhone 5 with the eKEY app may want to consider delaying purchasing the iPhone 5 until the Lightning adapter is released and Supra testing is complete.


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  1. James Moyer

    The iPhone 5 lightning connector works fine with the supra ekey. I hope Supra comes out with a new ekey though as I don’t like having to have two adapters to open a lockbox

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