Take Better MLS Photos

Are your photography skills holding you back? Are your photos ugly? Does Walgreens refuse to develop your film? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, consider taking our “Better MLS Photos” class at LEARNaTHON on October 25. Here’s a common problem that we’ll solve in this class.

Study the bad MLS photo below, imagine it’s the only kitchen photo:

It’s a kitchen with a stove, but something isn’t right. The photo lacks a desirable perspective and negative space. Look what happens when the photographer takes five or six steps backward:

It’s an instant improvement, no fancy equipment required. This photo isn’t from our MLS, it was used with author permission from outside our area. To see more practical tips and the reasons behind them, visit our LEARNaTHON page or check out the class flyer.


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  1. Eydie

    And please don’t alter your photos. Don’t add grass where none exists or remove power lines that are located directly behind the house.

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