Trulia Crime Maps Launches

Today, Trulia launched a nationwide interactive crime map. The new map is being met with mixed reviews as the data displayed only goes back two weeks in most markets, among other reasons. We’re interested to see what our Subscribers think, does this help or hurt the consumer?


Trulia Crime Map Blog Posts Around the Net:

“It’s remarkable how much better—or worse—it can make you feel about where you live.” (technology blog)

“A month ago, they launched a price reductions map to let you see how housing prices were changing. Now you can see what crime is like in that area you’re thinking about living in with Crime Map.” (data aggregation blog)

“What’s wrong with this picture? It displays the number of incidents per block per year. Therefore, all else being equal, densely populated areas get penalized because they have more people per block and are therefore more likely to have crime. More people = more victims = more criminals = more crime.” (regional blog)

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