Arizona Realtor® Business Interface (ARBI)

ARBI, not Arby's.

One of the key benefits of forming a statewide MLS is the Arizona Realtor® Business Interface (ARBI). Roast beef jokes aside, imagine a system where you can manage all your real estate processes in one place, the ARBI. Ponder the list of individual services* a Subscriber uses:

  • flexmls
  • zipForm
  • Digital Ink
  • SureClose
  • Cloud CMA
  • The Cromford Report
  • Listingbook
  • ListHub
  • Real Future CRM
  • Supra
  • Property Panorama
  • … and many more

Now picture a streamlined dashboard where each service can be accessed in one place. *Presuming the above services choose to participate.

Since the ARBI will be a truly integrated interface,  there is the added convenience of a “Single Sign-On”. Single Sign-On allows access to many services using the same password and log-in ID without the need to login to each service independently. For more information on the ARBI, read the Statewide MLS Business Plan found here.

ARMLS to be Purchased by AAR to Create Statewide MLS

If ARMLS were a listing, we would now be in the “Pending” status. This afternoon the AAR Board of Directors passed a motion to purchase ARMLS by a 70 to 27 margin (72%). The road to a statewide MLS is now a reality and we look forward to moving forward. For now, it is business as usual around the ARMLS stomping grounds. If you would like to know more about these recent developments, we encourage you to attend the PULSE meeting on 8/11 (details can be found here). Comments or questions? Submit them below:

Statewide MLS Coverage:
ARMLS Press Release
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Important MARS Rule Update

The following message, by AAR, is an update about the MARS Rule. Please direct all questions back to AAR.

“The Federal Trade Commission has announced that it will not enforce most MARS Rule provisions against Short Sale Brokers and will transfer MARS rule making authority to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on July 21, 2011.

Today the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) announced that it will not enforce most of the provisions of the Mortgage Assistance Relief Services (“MARS”) Rule against Short Sale Brokers. (See, FTC Press Release: 07/15/2011 at www.ftc.gov/opa/2011/07/mars.shtm).

The FTC MARS Enforcement Policy states:

Until further notice, the Commission will forbear from taking any enforcement action for violation of the MARS Rule with the exception of the Rule’s prohibition against misrepresentations in Section 322.3(b) against a real estate professional who provides “any service, plan, or program, offered or provided to the consumer in exchange for consideration, that is represented, expressly or by implication, to assist or attempt to assist the consumer [in] . . . [n]egotiating, [o]btaining or [a]rranging . . . [a] short sale of a dwelling.”(footnote omitted)

Notably, the FTC Enforcement Policy also states:
Additionally, on July 21, 2011, the Commission’s rulemaking authority with respect to the MARS Rule will transfer to the (CFPB) (footnote omitted). Thus, the CFPB will have the authority to determine whether any modification of the MARS Rule is warranted with respect to real estate professionals who assist a consumer in negotiating or obtaining a short sale.

To read the entire Enforcement Policy, go to www.ftc.gov/os/2011/07/110714marsrealestatepolicy.pdf

What does this mean?  It means that the MARS Rule has not yet been revised or repealed.  The FTC is stating that it will not enforce the MARS Rule disclosure and advance fee provisions against brokers assisting a seller in a short sale transaction at this time.

Short sale brokers still must comply with Arizona state law, which prohibits a real estate licensee from receiving additional compensation for negotiating a short sale, unless the real estate licensee is also licensed as a loan originator by the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions (“DFI”).

There may be more changes to come, so agents should be advised to check with their brokers about their firm’s short sale policy.”

Searching for What You Want to Read

Clever Cat Reading BookWhat type of content do you want to read? Many of our readers have preformed searches via our blog search box, which we’ve complied into a list. These search terms suggest content our readers desire. Our blog search box doesn’t track who performed the search, just which terms were entered. Below we’ve taken a stab at responding to some of our most recurring searches.

“Android” / “Android Tablet” / “Droid”Galaxy Tab
In the wake of  increased flexmls/iPad compatibility, Android hasn’t received much due attention on this blog. So here it goes: Android phones play a dominate role in the Valley as the market share leader. There are two new Android tablets worth mentioning, the Galaxy Tab and Motorola Xoom, yet unsupported by FBS (our MLS vendor) for flexmls compatibility issues (iPad isn’t supported as well, although FBS is making progress).

“Initial Training” / “Required Class”
ARMLS doesn’t require any initial training, although it is highly recommend. The best way to jump start your mastery of the MLS is with an Orientation and Searches class. But, Subscribers who accumulate a 4th infraction of the ARMLS Rules & Regulations are required to attend a Rules class.

“Zip Forms” / “MLS Connect”
Starting with ZipForm, which is an AAR supported product, don’t expect much as AAR covers the topic extensively on their blog (http://blog.aaronline.com). MLS Connect is the function which pulls data from flexmls into ZipForm.

Let us know what you would like us to talk about on the ARMLS Blog.

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