What is HTML5?

You may not be tech savvy but HTML5 will change the way you use the internet. HTML was invented in 1991 and is a simple computer language that makes web pages possible. The 5th version of HTML aims to replace the need for Flash and other third-party plug-ins. We’ve all dreaded the “Update Flash” message when visiting YouTube or other websites. But soon, your browser will be able to play videos, games, and interactive websites without having to install Flash.

To take advantage of this new technology, simply keep your browser up to date. That’s it! Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 4, Safari 5 and Chrome 10 all support HTML5. This is a change that takes little action on your part. Most of the work is being done by web developers who will create the pages that use HTML5. Unfortunately, there isn’t much HTML5 content available yet, so you may not see any changes on the web if you update today. What do you think about HTML5 or the latest web browsers? We’d like to hear from you.

Compatibility Note: IE9, Firefox 4 and Safari 5 are supported and compatible with flexmls! Chrome is yet to be compatible or supported by ARMLS.

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