Syndication Options in flexmls



There has been much talk recently regarding the syndication options ARMLS provides within flexmls. While some new options have been added in the past few months, the practice of how listings are distributed via these settings has not changed.

Whether or not ARMLS provides listings to these syndication destinations (publishers like AZcentral,,, and Trulia) is always the broker’s decision. If a broker has not opted in to a particular publisher, ARMLS does not make their listing data available to that publisher.

When ARMLS enters into an agreement for a publisher to be added to the syndication options in flexmls, we are simply facilitating the transfer of listing data as directed by each broker.

As with any business decision, brokers must weigh the pros and cons of sending their listings to each destination. If the benefits of sending their listings to a publisher outweigh concerns they have, they will send the listings. If their concerns are too great, we would suggest the broker voice those concerns to the publisher, and if not satisfied with the outcome cease to send their listings there.


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