Searching for What You Want to Read

Do you mind? I’m trying to find ARMLS info.

This is the fourth installment in a series addressing customer experience issues related to site searches (Parts 1-3 can be found here).

Many of our readers have performed searches via our blog search box, which we’ve compiled into a list. Our blog search box doesn’t track who performed the search, just which terms were entered. Below we’ve taken a stab at responding to some of our most recurring searches.

IDX | Free IDX |  IDX Policy | Listing Syn
Information on Internet Data Exchange (IDX) can be found on the Agents page or Brokers page of On a related note, we’ve written a post on syndication that seems to be very popular lately.

eSign | zipForms
Both are AAR products and more information can be found at If you are ever in doubt about where to get help on a product or service, check out our “is it AAR or ARMLS?” tool.

Learnathon | Learn-a-thon | Learnathong | Learnthon
It’s LEARNaTHON and it’s happening October 25 at the Black Canyon Conference Center. We typical see an uptick in searches prior to events, many spell this event wrong and don’t get the results they are looking for: here is the official LEARNaTHON 2012 page.


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