Associated Press Misquote of ARMLS Data

Yesterday, two writers from the Associated Press put out a story that said that 70% of the homes in Phoenix are at risk of foreclosures. By the end of the day the story had gone viral on the Internet and was picked up by multiple large media, including the Wall Street Journal.  Of course, the information is flat out wrong, and unfortunately, it was attributed to ARMLS. We are reaching out to the original writers and others who re-circulated it to get the information corrected.

The statement was a result of the writers’ misinterpretation of the correct information put out in the February issue of STAT.  In that issue we stated that distressed properties accounted for 70.2% of total sales.

ARMLS is reaching out to our Subscribers to make sure they understand the error, and do not inadvertently re-circulate the wrong information in their blogs and on their social media platforms. Click here to read the February issue of STAT.

Data Share: Tucson & Rocky Point

Puerto Penasco MLS is now live inside flexmls.

The switch has been flipped, as ARMLS has started data sharing with the Tucson Association of REALTORS® and Puerto Penasco Chapter 51 (Rocky Point) inside flexmls. Keep in mind, that there is not a unilateral offer of compensation and Subscribers are encouraged to work within their area of expertise. With that said, the real power of data sharing comes from giving and receiving referrals plus additional market intelligence. Now you can offer clients, who are looking for a second home in Tucson, a sound referral to an agent who is working in their new area of interest. Or you can provide your clients, who are considering purchasing in Rocky Point, real market data to help them make a decision.

So how do you do it? To see listings outside of the ARMLS coverage area, select either “Tucson Association of Realtors” or  “Puerto Penasco” in a Full Search or Quick Search (Example: Phil Sexton’s  Screencast video). You may notice not all fields will be available as not all fields are shared. Use caution when cross-searching multiple MLSs as units and values may not match, an example being square feet and square meters.

If the ability to search outside the ARMLS service area doesn’t appeal to you, ponder this: there may be a bigger thing happening here as data sharing allows us to “dip our toes in the pool” of what a statewide MLS might feel like. So how did that first data share search go?

Twitter Strategy for RE Professionals

There are many instructors teaching Agents how to use Twitter, but few teaching Agents how to develop social media strategy in the Valley. Lady Gaga has over 8 million followers on Twitter, but unless you are willing to pick up a microphone and write Grammy-worthy tunes, you will need some solid social media strategy to pick up followers. We like to see our Subscriber succeed, so here are some great Twitter strategy pointers:

@ARMLS Follower Mosaic

1. It’s not the number of followers you have but the quality of those followers that matters. Often times you will gain followers who just want to be followed back, they don’t care about your messages but are playing the “numbers game”. Adjust your content to attract the right crowd. It is better to have 250 followers who read your messages than 1,000 who just ignore them.

2. Pick a niche. Are you the green homes agent? Higley home expert? Phoenix property manager extraordinaire? Surprise Short Sale specialist? Chances are you work a segment of the market, own that segment on Twitter as well.

3. Be interesting. Interesting tweets get ReTweeted and spread much further into the Twittersphere. This is the best way to gain new followers. Tweet breaking news, interesting home ownership stats, staging articles, and other interesting bits that attract potential homeowners.

4. Follow and develop a relationship with fellow Real Estate tweeters. Having others help spread your messages (and vice versa) will give you credibility and extend your reach.

5. Treat Twitter as a community, not just a place to syndicate listings. Engage in conversation directly, example: “@homebuyer I have a few listings I would like to show you, if you are still searching for your dream home.”

Take these strategy points and expand them to your area of expertise. Don’t forget to follow @ARMLS while you’re at it! Feel free to share your own Twitter tips in the comments below.

Broker Security Essentials Workshop

Are you aware that a computer security breach can cost your company big money and harm your brand? Send your IT staff, vendors and consultants to a free day of security essentials learning at the ARMLS® Training Facility in Tempe. NAR and ARMLS are pleased to offer this workshop on March 7, from 10:00am until 3:30pm. This workshop will focus on critical information system security issues and is the same workshop given at the NAR national conference without the $300 price tag. Find out more information or register now.

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Tempe, AZ 85281″]

STAT, PPI and the Truth

Recently a Subscriber expressed dissatisfaction with ARMLS for publishing STAT and the Pending Price Index.  He made the point that things were bad enough out there, without  ARMLS broadcasting it. His logic was that the media creates the market by what they report, and that the negative pricing trend in the PPI would encourage Buyers to make even lower offer prices.  No one, not even ARMLS, can argue that potential Buyers are not susceptible to what they read in the media. But, by the same token Sellers are influenced in a similar manner to price more competitively when they know what the market is really doing.

The real underlying cause of our downward pricing trend is out- of- balance supply and demand, dysfunctionally influenced by distressed properties, and perpetuated by high unemployment, painfully slow job growth and almost no net migration into the Valley. The media does not figure in as a cause in that equation.

When ARMLS decided to publish a monthly statistical newsletter, it made the commitment to always tell the truth. ARMLS reasoned that if it were to have any credibility with Subscribers, consumers or the media, it has to always say what is so, whether the news is good or bad.  ARMLS could not make a decision to only report good news, and remain silent on the bad news.  That kind of reporting has gotten the National Association of REALTORS® in trouble in the past.  Brokers and Agents make strategic decisions on which direction to take their business based on reliable market intelligence.  Only the absolute truth should serve as the lodestone by which Brokers and Agents navigate the market.

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