How Do I Add My Open House into Flexmls?

Adding your Open House to Flexmls is a great way to increase your visibility and foot traffic. Under the Daily Functions tab you’ll find Tour/Open Houses, which allows you to view upcoming Tours & Open Houses as well as add your own.

Flexmls Screenshot

Searching for an Open House
If you’re searching for Open Houses to preview or send your client, go to the Quick Search screen under the Additional Search Options.

Flexmls Screenshot

If you are sending a property to your client and you want them to view open house details for that property, make sure the Open House option is checked off in your email preferences.

Flexmls Screenshot

Your client now has the option to click on the Detail page to get more information on that Open House.

Open House Flyers
If you’re facilitating an Open House don’t forget to create a flyer for yourself.  On any Detail page, click the Report drop down arrow and choose one of our five pre-made flyers. It does not need to be your listing to create a flyer. The system will automatically remove any listing agent info and replace it with your name and face.

How Do I Find an Agent Who Speaks Another Language?

cartoon people of different ethnicities saying hello

Have you faced a scenario where you need an agent who speaks Spanish,  Arabic, or another language? You can perform a simple search in Flexmls to locate agents who speak other languages.

Finding an agent who speaks another language:
From any page in Flexmls, click Search from the main menu and then select Office/Member.

Quick search screen shot

Next, click the Options arrow and type in the desired language, then click Find.


You’ll be taken to a list of agents who speak that language, along with their contact info.

Add languages you speak in Flexmls:
If you speak another language and you would like to add it to your Flexmls profile, you can do so by clicking on Preferences in the main menu, then My Profile. Click Quick Profile Maintenance and from there you will be able to add another language to your profile.

flexmls profile overview screen shot

Here is a list of languages you can add to your profile or search:
American Sign Language
Swiss German

What’s the Difference Between a Video Tour and Virtual Tour?

cartoon home on tv with old camera and film

Once you’ve made a listing active, you have the option of enhancing your listing by adding a video tour (a film of the property) or virtual tour (a picture slideshow).

To Add a Video or Virtual Tour
Go to Add/Change tab
Select Change
Enter in MLS# or select out of list
Under Multimedia Section select Videos or Virtual Tours
Select Add Video or Add Virtual Tour

change screen screen shot

So far so good, right? But this is where things can get a little tricky. Photos and documents are the only type of multimedia that can actually be uploaded into a Flexmls listing. Because of their large file sizes, videos and virtual tours must be hosted outside of Flexmls and added as either HTML code (aka embed code) or as a URL link.

Wait, I know what a URL is, but what is HTML code?
For virtual tours, Flexmls requires you to paste a URL link to where the video is hosted. Most of us are familiar with URLs (aka Uniform Resource Locators) as being the “web addresses” that specify where resources are available online. For example, is a URL.

For videos, Flexmls requires you to paste HTML code to embed the video into the MLS webpage. HTML (aka Hyper Text Markup Language) is the standard markup language used to structure web pages and format their content. Basically, elements of HTML form the building blocks of webpages. And HTML code looks a little different than a URL. For example, <iframe src=”″> is HTML code.

Where should I host my videos and virtual tours?
You can use any website that follows Rule 8.23, which states that “Media cannot direct the user in any way to contact information or other information about real estate or broker or any other individual entity with a connection to the business of real estate.” This means that sites like YouTube or Vimeo Basic aren’t allowed because they link to other videos that could potentially link back to a listing agent, broker, or brokerage. Finally, all videos and virtual tours must be unbranded and cannot contain your contact information.

 But if I can’t use YouTube, what should I use?
A good option for hosting your videos is Google Drive, as long as you have the Viewing Settings set to View Only (instructions here). Another option is to use the free version of Property Panorama, which ARMLS offers as a subscriber benefit under the Products tab in Flexmls. Agents can also conduct their own research for other products that host videos and virtual tours.

Co-Selling Member Field

Starting on February 1, it is now possible to give a second agent credit for representing the buyer/lessee in a transaction by using the Co-selling Member field in Flexmls. This highly requested optional field now appears when closing, pending or adding UCB/CCBS to a listing.

Flexmls screen shot

Please note that it is not possible to assign a Co-selling Member to listings that closed prior to February 1, 2017 and as such we cannot accommodate requests to back-fill the field.

Co-selling Members, like Co-listing Members, will receive half a point (0.5) credit in production reports.

How Do I Reset My Flexmls Password?

Cartoon hand resetting password on cellphone

If you need (or want) to change your Flexmls password, there are a few ways depending on your circumstance to quickly change your password.

I Don’t Remember My Password

On the initial log in screen you’ll have the option to put in your user name and click If Your Password Is Not Working Click Here. You’ll be sent an email with a temporary password.

password reset on the main page

It’s important to note that when Flexmls asks you for your current password, enter the temporary password that was just given. After you enter the temporary password, the system will direct you to create a new one.

Flexmls password reset screen shot

Password Change Inside Flexmls

To update your password if you are already inside Flexmls, say because you know your password will soon expire:

Go to the Preferences tab
Click on My Profile
Select Change My Password

Flexmls password change screen

Locked Out of Flexmls

If you are locked out of Flexmls or don’t receive the temporary password email, you can reach out to the ARMLS Helpdesk at 480-921-7777. The Helpdesk is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Once a representative is on the line, they will ask to you verify some personal information. A temporary password will then be assigned and you can proceed to log in. Again, when Flexmls asks for your current password, enter the temporary password that was just given. Flexmls will then direct you to create a new password.

What Is The Best Way To Get A Lockbox Key?

cartoon people sitting at tables with eKey and iphone in background

Whether you’re a new agent buying your first key or a seasoned pro looking to upgrade, ARMLS can connect you with the lockbox key that’s right for you. Here are some important things to know before you stop in.

Visit us in person. 
The only way to get a lockbox key is for the keyholder him/herself to visit any ARMLS Support Center in person. We cannot let third parties get a key for subscribers on their behalf. All locations are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Tempe office is also open on Saturday from 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Bring your photo ID and a form of payment.
Be sure to bring a government issued photo ID, like a driver license, a state-issued identification card, a military ID or a passport.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, as well as checks. No cash please!

All keys have an activation fee + a lease 
There is a one-time $50 activation fee to begin a new lease on any key. Beyond that, you will pay either a monthly or annual leasing fee depending on the type of key you choose. The Supra eKEY has a monthly fee of $17.20 after tax. The Supra ActiveKEY has an annual cost of $219.80 after tax, but is prorated each month. Call the Help Desk for current ActiveKEY rates.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I choose whether to pay annually or monthly?
Unfortunately there is no way to pay monthly for the ActiveKEY or annually for the eKEY. The eKEY is billed on the 21st of each month and the ActiveKey is billed every year in September.

Can I transfer my lockbox key to another person?
No, you can’t transfer your lockbox key to another person.

How long will it take to lease a lockbox key?
On average, a simple lockbox key lease should take no longer than 20 minutes.

Will my new key work with my lockbox?
Yes, all keys will work with the Bluetooth lockboxes. You can purchase a new lockbox at any one of our Support Centers.

I still have questions.
No problem! ARMLS Support Center representatives can be reached at 480-921-7777 or

Three Myths About The eKEY

cartoon hand holding a megaphone

Ever thought of switching from the ActiveKEY to the eKEY, only to hear a horror story that changes your mind? If it’s happened to you, you’re not alone. Here are the most common misconceptions we hear about the eKEY.

Myth #1: You need cell service to open a lockbox 
Nope! You don’t need cell service to open a lockbox. All you need is Bluetooth from your cell phone. Once your eKEY updates itself (which it does automatically when the app is opened, or when you manually update the eKEY by tapping the Update Key button), the key is able to open boxes even in areas that do not have cell coverage. And it stays that way for 24 hours.

Myth #2: It’s more expensive than the ActiveKEY
Nope! The eKEY is actually less expensive than the ActiveKEY. When leasing a brand new key, each key has a $50 one time activation fee. The ActiveKEY is billed annually and costs $219.66 per year. If you divide that by 12, the ActiveKEY costs $18.31 per month. The eKEY, on the other hand, is billed monthly at $17.20 per month. If you multiply that by 12, then the eKEY costs $206.40 per year. So by going with the eKEY, you’re actually saving yourself $13.26 per year.

Myth #3: If I lose or break my phone, then I won’t have a key 
Nope! If you lose or break your phone, we will give you a free loaner ActiveKEY for up to two weeks while you replace your phone. Once you get your new phone, there is no charge for the 30-digit code to authorize the eKEY app on your new device. However, because Supra allows you to have the eKEY app on only one device at a time, activating the app on a new phone will deactivate the eKEY app on your previous phone.


What are the Different Transaction Types?

Monsoon logo over cashflow flow chart

One commonly underutilized tool in Monsoon is the Transaction Type field. This search option defines what type of transaction took place the last time a property was purchased. The Transaction Type field is one of few that is manually tracked and entered into the system, and because of that, only goes back to 2012. It can help provide more insight on the most recent sale of the property and could be valuable in choosing comparable property options within Monsoon.

Types of Transactions

Non-MLS Sales
3rd Party– Purchased by a 3rd party at a trustee sale
NON MLS– Private sale outside the MLS
Reverted-Property was foreclosed on and taken back by the beneficiary
Bulk– Homes purchased in bulk

MLS Sales
Normal Sale-property was purchased with no peculiarity; financed, paid cash
Short Sale– bank agreed to take less than what the property was worth

Mixed (could be listed in the MLS or not)
Bank Sale– Properties owned and sold by the bank aka REOs; a vast majority are listed on the MLS
Flip– Properties bought and sold in a six month period
New Construction– New builds
Short Sale / Distressed– Property was in the process of being foreclosed when it was sold
GSE– Government sponsored enterprise; sales through GSE mortgages i.e. Fannie or Freddie

Is That an Abandoned Lockbox?

Cartoon arm holding lockbox out of hole

Have you found an abandoned lockbox?  If so there’s a chance it could be a case of finders, keepers!

If you’ve come across an abandoned lockbox, the BT LE model only,  the first step is to reach out to us by email or phone. We’ll look up the owner to see if the lockbox is truly abandoned.

If the Agent is Active
The case will be turned over to our Data Integrity department as the the Subscriber has two calendar days to remove a lockbox after the transaction is complete (section 13.5). Data Integrity will grant the agent 5 additional days to remove the lockbox.

If the lockbox is truly abandoned
If the rightful owner of the lockbox is no longer active and unresponsive to our contact attempts, then the agent who found the lockbox can claim ownership. In that instance, we will verbally give the shackle code so that the box may be removed. Once the lockbox is in your possession, bring it to any one of the Support Centers so that it can be re-programmed into your name.

Why Should I Use ShowingTime?

ShowingTime logo with cartoon gears

As a subscriber to ARMLS you have access to an array of different applications to help you be successful. However, did you know that there is an application within Flexmls that is dedicated to setting up and scheduling showings for your listings? It’s called ShowingTime, and here are five reasons why you should be using it.

No Additional Logins and Passwords
The ShowingTime application is accessed through Flexmls, providing you one less login and password to remember.

You Have the Power to Choose How You Want to be Contacted
Whether you prefer calls, emails, push notifications or text messaging, ShowingTime provides you with the capability to choose how you get alerted.

While you may receive ShowingTime requests throughout all hours of the night, the Do-Not-Disturb setting will only send you calls, texts and push notification between 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Emails will still be right away.

ShowingTime Calendar

Any feedback acquired after showings in a listing will be compiled within ShowingTime. You can use this data to improve on future showings for the property, and you can use it as a tool to continually update your seller on how their property is being perceived.

Do Everything Online 
No more “pop-ins” or scribbled notes everywhere because everything is organized in one central place. Tackle your day with at-a-glance calendar summaries on the main page, schedule bulk showings with a few key strokes and manage your showings from other Realtors.

It’s Included For Free
This useful product is yours to use with a subscription to ARMLS. There are no added costs to it!

Ready to dive in? Check out the ShowingTime webinars to learn more: Getting Started with ShowingTimeShowingTime Tips and ShowingTime Preview.

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