Own the Home of the Future

The essay contest is in honor of our 30th year

Annika Hillyard is the winner of the ARMLS Essay Contest for ages 13-18, her winning entry is below. Read the winning 8-12 year old entry here. Due to space limitations, only the first place entry from each category has been posted, the others are also superb.

Own the Home of the Future by Annika Hillyard
Hello potential buyers! l’m am proud to announce that the end of the construction of what you have all been waiting for, yes you’ve got it, our 79th special edition home collection! This September you will have the great opportunity to buy one of these masterpieces! Our beautiful, newly furnished homes are built and ready for you to move in any time you like! Now, before you crumple up this advertisement, let me tell you about the amazing features that will be included with your purchase.

CEO Matt Consalvo delivered Annika’s essay with gusto

First, let us describe to you the fantastic technology which you will only find here. The 4-layer Sun Shield is most advanced of the Sunlit shields yet to be produced. This creation allows you to choose the weather or temperature inside your property limits. A dome that you can neither see nor feel is placed over the home so that your weather will not mix with your neighbors. Temperatures, ranging from -30 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, are at your disposable. Rain, snow, sun, or clouds can be instantly created. (More weather packets available at any retail store) All you have to do is punch in your secret code, which you will receive upon purchasing your new home (Do not tell children your code) and ta da! You have instant weather no matter what season you are in!

Next on our description list are some of our inside appliances. This one is brand new, so read carefully. Have you ever wished that you could hire a maid after baking or cooking because your counters were just so messy? Well, we can save you some money with our convenient counters. When your counters are sticky and dirty, a clean and lemon scented counter is only seconds away. All you have to do is clear the counter of any dishes, and as soon as you type in your code, the counter will immediately flip over, revealing a clean one. The technology is simple. The counter flips over, and while the other side is in use, the dirty side is being scrubbed with lovely lemon scented soap!

Now if I still haven’t convinced you, why don’t I tell you about our special Fire Protection Lifesaversl. The feeling of danger should never cross your mind with this device! It is specially made to seek out extreme heat and eliminates it with a blow of anti-­fire, non-­toxic spray. If that doesn’t do it, it will try again, but don’t worry you can stop the spray any time you want, if you were only getting your mojo on.

Or, how about the MCLSS (the Mega Clean Levitation plus Shaving Shower) — the king of all showers. As soon as you step into it your troubles melt away leaving only the calm warmth of our shower and the sent of bubble soap. When you enter, you slowly levitate into a lying position and the shower does its magic. Slowly the filthy grim of everyday life is deeply rinsed from your skin. Not a speck of dirt will be left on your skin by the end, guaranteed. Soothingly, it massages soaps or lotions into your skin to make you feel fresh and rejuvenated. Shaving options are also available.

Now, all of this could be yours this September. So, don’t forget to come and see what you could be buying; and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask by contacting us at our website www.79thcollection.com. Or, email us at 79thcollection@homeland.com. We hope to see you soon!


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