Now that ARMLS has its own weblog for the flexmls transition, how should The Phoenix Real Estate Technology Exchange refocus its efforts?

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When we started this weblog last October, my own objective was to have a place where tech-savvy Phoenix-area Realtors could discuss technology issues, sharing that information with our less tech-obsessed brethren. The expedient impetus was the ARMLS transition to flexmls, but at the time we also discussed the deplorable state of ZipForms and the advent of transaction management software at AAR, among other issues.

Almost immediately, ARMLS asked to be involved. This struck me as being uncharacteristically wise on its part, but it entailed compromises that are not completely satisfying for a weblog. There’s a bright line distinction between organizations that must speak with one voice and looser associations that welcome multiple points of view. ARMLS seemed to be so hamstrung by what it could not say, that, as is obvious in retrospect, what began as an egg in an apple blossom could not become anything other than a worm in the apple.

From my point of view, both ARMLS and FBS Systems have been amazingly  with information. Possibly this is baked in the cake: The information is simply unavailable. But I had anticipated that we would have had quite a bit more to talk about around here — not just by now but months ago.

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