News About The Cromford Report

“Effective January 1, access to The Cromford Report will no longer be a free member benefit for ARMLS Subscribers.  ARMLS still remains a fan of The Cromford Report and its insightful local content,” says an upcoming email blast being sent to all ARMLS Subscribers today.

The ARMLS Board of Directors weighed its cost against the limited number of Subscribers fully utilizing The Cromford Report, and decided they could no longer justify the cost.  Subscribers who regularly utilize The Cromford Report’s valuable in-depth analysis may purchase a subscription directly from Cromford (link here).

In early 2012, ARMLS will launch a new market statistics product as a free member benefit. This product more closely meets the statistical appetite of a majority of ARMLS Subscribers. We are currently in negotiation on the final details of the contract and are planning on making it available for Subscriber use by the first quarter of 2012.

Michael Orr, President and Founder of The Cromford Report, has generously agreed to continue to provide the statistical data panels associated with each listing until new panels provided by the new vendor are  operational.

Watch for details on the new system coming soon and we, as always, welcome any comments below.

Click here to purchase a personal subscription to The Cromford Report.


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  1. rickpark

    I have not used the Cromford report as much as I would should, but I find it invaluable when I want to pull up information for a specific client or purpose. I certainly don’t mind having it be a part of my fees. Why not put it to a vote of the membership to see how many would be in favor of keeping it?

  2. Elizabeth

    I agree with Rick.

  3. CraigHarland

    Wow, this is like taking away $300 of value from my ARMLS subscription. Is my subscription to ARMLS going to be reduced by taking away this HUGE benefit?

  4. ARMLS Social Media Team

    Craig, we are replacing The Cromford Report with another service we believe will better serve all Subscribers.

  5. ARMLS Social Media Team

    Rick and Elizabeth, the popular sentiment is to end the Cromford Report as a free member benefit. Here’s the link to join once again:

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