Mobile Flexmls Portal Changes

Flexmls Mobile, not to be confused with the desktop or native app versions, has undergone a few updates to improve the user/portal experience. Here are some of the cooler changes to the mobile portal:

Portal Landing Page 
When a client doesn’t enter the mobile portal through a subscription, the Home tab is now the default landing page a portal user sees.

Flexmls Mobile Agent Landing Screen

Portal View: Map
The List/Map toggles at the bottom of the screen allow for easier navigation on the map screen. There is also a feature where clients can draw on the map to limit the search.

Flexmls Mobile Draw

Portal View: List
The new list view has a better layout, a bigger display picture and is easier to use when sorting. The overall look and experience is more in-line with what clients expect from other third party portals.


Don’t use Flexmls Mobile? Similar changes to desktop and native app portals are coming in the next few months.


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