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Many Subscribers think that ARMLS syndicates (distributes) their listings to public websites across the Internet, for example, to sites like Trulia and Zillow. In fact, your Broker decides if listings are syndicated to third party websites.

ARMLS entered into an agreement with ListHub to distribute the listings of Brokers who have opted into the ListHub service. High level syndication options are set in flexmls, and each Broker has the opportunity to open a ListHub account wherein they can opt-in and choose which websites (approx. 51 sites) display their listings. ListHub offers the advantage of a single entity to distribute listings to many websites at once, at no cost.


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  1. Amy Billen Hayslett

    So why is it that some of the public websites seem to get updated with new information faster than others? I once changed something on one of my listings and notice that some web sites picked it up right away and others took several days.

    • ARMLS Social Media Team

      Amy, can you give an example? Some websites don’t update their content daily.

  2. Craig Frooninckx

    Is there an updated list of who ListHub is syndicating to?

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