Let The Buyback Begin!

This is just an image of the widget.

Do you have surplus lockboxes? Our Lockbox Buyback Program has started and you can turn your extra lockboxes into cash (we pay out by check, but you get the point). We are in phase one, where we are buying but not yet selling used boxes. This program is expected to run for many weeks.

The Lockbox Buyback widget on this blog and ARMLS.com, will let you know when we have used lockboxes for sale. For full program details, see this PDF.

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  1. Blanca Manubag-Melgoza via Facebook

    Are you phasing out the blue lock boxes?

  2. ARMLS via Facebook

    No, we will resell the used boxes we buyback. Many Subscribers have boxes they can’t use and others need boxes, this program offers an alternative to buying new.

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