LEARNaTHON: An Insider’s Guide

What would a real estate event be without food?

LEARNaTHON is being held on October 25. Follow these insider tips to make the most of your time. Class information and full event details.

1. Register early –  seats for the most popular classes will fill up first. There is no wait list for full classes, although you may be able to enter 10 minutes after a class has started if there are no-shows. Those registered for a class are guaranteed a seat up until 10 minutes after a class has started. Just avoid the hassle and register ASAP.

2. Check in first – Don’t skip the check-in desk, you’ll miss out on important information.

3. Bring a friend or colleague – you can’t be in two classes at once but with a friend or colleague, you can debrief each other afterward. You may bring a non-subscriber, like an assistant or spouse but they must register.

4. Keep the confirmation email – the confirmation email contains your class schedule.

5. You can make class changes yourself – in previous years, changes had to be made by email request to ARMLS, now just log in to Eventbrite.com to change your schedule yourself. Find class info here.

6. Don’t forget lunch – the food at LEARNaTHON will be delicious and is part of the registration fee. Grab a plate and chow down any time from 11:30am – 1:30pm.

7. The snacks and drinks are free – There are drink coolers lining the walls of the Black Canyon Conference Center, just take a soda, water or coffee whenever you like. See some snacks? Go for it, anything you can eat or drink at LEARNaTHON is gratis.

8. Visit the sponsors – Sponsors allow us to offer the best speakers and events, without them we couldn’t offer the quality you expect from ARMLS.


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