iPad Map Search

You can create map searches with the iPad, all it takes is some smart gesturing. Let’s start with a simple rectangle. Once on the Map Search screen, select the rectangle icon, it will then become highlighted.

Tap, hold and drag anywhere on the map to draw the rectangle area. See the animated graphic below or view the gesture on YouTube. To draw a circle, use the same method but select the Circle icon. Next, learn how to draw polygons in flexmls on the iPad.

iPad Map Search Animated Graphic flexmls


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  1. Jon Griffith

    Lawls. Did you really use an animated gif to demonstrate that?

  2. Marilyn Deane via Facebook

    nice now that I crushed my I Pad : (

  3. Mike Dobbins via Facebook

    Just when I think you might be getting there for us iPad users, I find another glitch. You can not search using a saved map from the browse search.

  4. ARMLS via Facebook

    Mike, a map saved search works for us. Can you explain?

  5. Mike Dobbins via Facebook

    I clicked browse, selected map and it will not save to search.

  6. ARMLS via Facebook

    Mike, okay we see now, you are doing a Quick Search then hitting browse and selecting the map shape overlay. It does work on the iPad. Tap browse, then tap the map overlay, the keyboard will appear on the iPad then tap Go (it is where enter would normally be).

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