How to Share ARMLS Data

Dust off your keyboard and blog.

You don’t need to be an Excel expert or web designer to share ARMLS® data on your blog. All ARMLS Subscribers have access to rbiINTEL, a truly free Subscriber benefit. There are many blogging opportunities where ARMLS data can support your blog post. Take a look at the embedded interactive and auto-updated chart below:

Using the chart above you could write a post called, “Low-ball Offers Not Effective in the Phoenix Market” or “Sellers Getting Asking Price.” This is where you, the Subscriber, come in – explain the chart to your audience as we’ve provided all the data for you! There are a variety of charts you can embed on your blog.

To sign-up for rbiINTEL go to – all features used in this blog are from rbiINTEL, which is free. Once you’ve signed up, follow the embedding instructions inside rbiINTEL. rbiEXPERT provides more features for a cost. Not ready to sign-up? Watch a video on rbiINTEL.


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