Happy Birthday Arizona – A Listing From 102 Years Ago

521830_10151525972573755_2047655094_nExactly 102 years ago today, Arizona became the 48th state. In honor, we pulled a real estate ad from the day Arizona became a state, 2/14/1912, via “The Arizona Republican” (now known as The Arizona Republic). Read the full paper from 2/14/1912 here – real estate classifieds are on page 10.

Dandy Six room brick house with screen sleeping room – $2300

FOR SALE — $2300 — A dandy six room brick house, with screen sleeping room, on corner of avenue, nice large lot, with nice, new lawn and young shade trees; two blocks from car line; shed for horse or cow, chicken yard etc. Can be bought for only $300 cash, balance $25 per month, including interest. Look this up. Bright’s Realty Co, 237 West Monroe St.

Bonus ad (this house is still standing today):


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