Google Suggest for RE Bloggers

Google Suggest shows search suggestions based on real searches as you type. Since many searchers still use questions in their searches, we started with the phrase, “Why do Real Estate Agents” and here is what Google spit out as suggestions:

So, here’s Google giving you intelligence you can use. Write that blog post about commissions and title it “Why Do Real Estate Agents Charge So Much?” Answer the question, explain your value and the value of a great Agent. Since Google search results are regionalized, where local results often trump global results, you have a good chance of Valley searchers being directed to your blog.

This is just one example of how you can use Google Suggest to generate relevant content. Experiment with different phrases, questions, and try words related to your niche.


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  1. ARMLS Social Media Team

    One quick note, you may get better search suggestions if you are logged out of Google. This is because Google is socializing results and this could taint your suggestions.

  2. Robert Drummer

    Fun experiment. “Why does Zillow….”

    Images can’t be loaded in Disqus, so I linked to it here:

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