Going Beyond YouTube for RE Video

For many years YouTube was the network of choice for online real estate video, it still is, but some social networks are now joining in. Vine, a Twitter owned company, lets users create 6-second looping videos. Instagram, which was purchased by Facebook for $1 billion, now allows you to create 15-second videos.

YouTube still remains supreme – but someone in the Valley could dominate these networks to become the Vine Realtor or the Instagram Agent – it could be you. Side note: the Best of Real Estate Video Google+ Group is a great place to learn about video.



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  1. Matthew Moellering

    How is either a 6- or 15-second video valuable to a consumer? I think consumers would rather just see well taken photos!

    • ARMLS Social Media Team

      Think beyond listings, 15-second market update? Think outside the box – there are some interesting short videos being done by REALTORS. We may do a follow-up post with some of the things we’ve seen done.

      • Matthew Moellering

        I would like to see a post of examples. I think 15 seconds is useful if it is a 15-second trailer that links to a longer YouTube video or blog post for people who want more details. Otherwise, 15 seconds on its own can’t really give consumers a full, accurate analysis unless there are multiple 15-second videos.

        At least these 6- and 15-second videos are ad-free, at least thus far!

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