Flood and Flood Zone Data

Flood Data from Realist

On this rainy day in the Valley, Subscribers may get questions about flash floods or flood zones. Realist and iMAPP and Monsoon have flood data. In Realist flood information is displayed via a map overlay. In iMAPP, flood data is found in the last box of the Tax Report. In Monsoon the flood data is an overlay that can be added on the map. The FEMA FloodSmart website has complete information about flood risks and insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program. See all flood Designations here.

Another flood fact to note is ARS 28-910, also known as the Stupid Motorist Law, that states that motorists who become stranded after driving around barricades to enter a flooded stretch of roadway may be charged for the cost of rescue.


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  1. Mary-Lynn Allen

    Im going to try this again: I was wondering why we ever decided that Realist should be used instead of IMAPP in the first place. It caused a lot of problems for us. But, again-very happy that IMAPP will be the default at this point.

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