How Do I Fix Incorrect Property Info in Monsoon?

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Have you ever run across incorrect property information in Monsoon? For example, Monsoon cites the square footage of your client’s property as one figure, but a recent appraisal of the property finds the square footage to be significantly greater. So now your client is asking you to have the square footage figure in Monsoon corrected. What should you do?

Compare the Property’s Monsoon Data to the County Assessor’s Data 
For any given parcel, you can compare Monsoon data to the county assessor’s data by clicking on the assessor’s parcel number (APN) from any Monsoon record. This will connect you to the appropriate parcel information on the county assessor’s website.

If the Data Does NOT Match the County Assessor
The Monsoon team strives to ensure that all property data in Monsoon accurately reflects the county assessor’s data, but sometimes an error slips through. When the Monsoon information does not match the county assessor’s information (meaning the county assessor’s data is correct and the error lies with Monsoon), simply report the error to Monsoon by clicking on the Report a Tax Error button next to the assessor’s parcel number in Monsoon.

The Monsoon team will investigate the error and correct the Monsoon data to match the information on file with the county assessor.

If the Data Does Match the County Assessor
When the Monsoon information does match the county assessor’s information (meaning that the incorrect data originates with the county assessor), the property owner needs to contact the county assessor’s office to have the incorrect figures amended. In this case, you may want to remind your client that any changes to the county assessor’s data for a property could influence subsequent property taxes. Once the error has been corrected with the county assessor, you can use the Report a Tax Error button in Monsoon to have the error corrected in Monsoon.


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