Fake Bank of America Website

Disclaimer: We have no company opinion about Bank of America but feel it is necessary to share what the Subscribers clients’ are seeing in the media and on the Internet.

A fake Bank of America website encourages users to create a better bank through real and sarcastic ideas, along with mock ads. Using Bank of America branding, some are being lead to believe the fake site is real. The Huffington Post was able to interview the founders of the fake site:

“A spokesman for YourBofA, who identified himself as Bengo Guenther, told The Huffington Post that the site is a collaboration between the Yes Lab — the Yes Men’s incubator for culture-jamming projects — and a number of other parties, including the Rainforest Action Network, “people with Occupy Wall Street” as well as the New Bottom Line, a pro-labor coalition that advocates for the use of credit unions and community banks.”

The frustrations some consumers have with the banking industry can be seen clearly in these user generated ads on YourBofA.com:

 Check out YourBofA.com right here.


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