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We see plenty of mystery and confusion surrounding the ARMLS® Data Integrity department through conversations on the Internet, so we would like to tackle a few frequently asked questions from social media.

Why didn’t I hear from anyone at ARMLS after I reported a violation?
Subscribers who submit violation reports will not receive any communication related to the suspected violation for two reasons. 1) Due to the volume of daily reports we do not have the ability to reply to the reporter. 2) The outcomes of Data Integrity investigations and corrective actions/fines are confidential. See image.

I clicked “Report an Error” but no action was taken, does the button actually work?
Yes, the button works. In April 2012 over 2,500 suspected violations/errors were reported – half were found not to be errors and about 14% were duplicate reports. On average there is a delay between reporting errors and taking corrective action, but every submission is investigated.

Doesn’t ARMLS have anything better to do than look for trivial MLS errors?
At this moment all Data Integrity investigated violations/errors are submitted by ARMLS Subscribers. However, in the future, we may use automated data checking software to sweep for violations.

For the first time on this blog, we would like to share some data from the Data Integrity department on reported errors. The top 10 most submitted errors for April 2012 can be found below:

% of Reports    Violation Name
56.6                   Self Reported (penalties are not given for self-reported violations)
10.3                   No Exterior Photo of Front of Dwelling
8.5                     Sold Price Incorrect
4.9                     Closed Status Incorrect
4.1                     Contact Information on a Photo
3.7                     Contact Information in a Public Field
3.6                     Special Listing Conditions Incorrect
3.5                     Status Incorrect as Active
2.4                     Dwelling Type Incorrect
2.4                     PDF Doc Contains Contact Info


Archived Comments
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  1. Matthew Coates via Facebook

    yes, i was wondering this

  2. Mike Dobbins via Facebook

    But two weeks is too long for action to be taken.

  3. ARMLS via Facebook

    Most cases are resolved very quickly, some take additional time. Looking at our records, two weeks is an exaggeration.

  4. Randy Hooker

    Can you please explain what is meant by “Self Reported” violations??  Why would any LA rat out himself or herself with ARMLS??   😉

    • ARMLS Social Media Team

      Most self-reported violations are False Closes. If a violation is self-reported, no penalties/fines are given. So, the benefit is no fine and/or penalty level progression.

  5. Mike Dobbins via Facebook

    No its not, I had to call your CEO Matt to clear it up. I have a couple more that I reported after talking with the selling agent, they never sold, they are still showing sold in MLS.

  6. ARMLS via Facebook

    Mike, taking all violations into consideration, two weeks is the extreme not the norm.

  7. Mike Dobbins via Facebook

    Your statement to me was that 2 weeks was an exaggeration, its not. I’ll give you another MLS number if you want it I reported over 2 weeks ago, its the same status as it was and I spoke to the supposed selling agent, it never closed.

  8. ARMLS via Facebook

    Mike, we are talking about averages, reporting that the typical issue takes 2 weeks is misleading to others. You were not clear and we didn’t want your comment being taken that way.

  9. Linda Abretske Gibson

    Contact info violations actually total 10.2% just different methodologies?

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