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You might be a Photo Quiz whiz, but do you know the rules for putting those photos on social media? Test your Facebook smarts with our Social Media quiz.

Social Media Quiz

Facebook Tip: The Restricted List

Imagine this scenario: John is a good client but he kind of creeps you out. He even brought his own tunes for the drive between showings (Icelandic pop) and now he wants to be your Facebook friend on your personal profile. He is already a fan of your business Facebook page, and you know he will take it hard if you deny his friend request. Facebook has a new feature designed for this scenario: The Restricted List.

The Restricted List lets John be your friend, but he can’t see any of your post not visible to the public.

privacy-settingsTo add someone to the Restricted List, you must first accept their friend request then:

1. Go to Privacy Settings

2. Then select Blocking

3. Click “edit list” next to the paragraph about the Restricted List

4. Click “On this list” and select “Friends”

5. Start typing the name of your creepy friend

6. Click their icon and then click Finish to add them to the Restricted List. You can toggle back to “On This List” to confirm that they’ve been added



Connect with ARMLS on Social Media

Did you know that ARMLS has some of the best social media communities? Share a story, give us feedback or alert us to a problem. We’re listening.

Facebook (
We recently hit a major milestone of 10,000 Facebook “Likes”, making our Facebook page one of the best places to ask other ARMLS Subscribers questions. There are a mixture of other non-ARMLS groups to check out like, Tech Support Group for Real Estate Agents while you’re on Facebook. You will find exclusive content on our Facebook page that you won’t find on our other social networks. Here is a sample post from our Facebook page:


Landlords Tell More Renters: No Smoking – is this fair or unfair?
Landlords Tell More Renters: No Smoking
With tight rental supplies and high demand, landlords may be feeling more confident about banning smoking in their buildings.

Twitter (
Maybe all you need is 140 characters? We post interesting industry news, local information, system statuses and more with a one-on-one conversation feel. Like with our Facebook page, you will find exclusive content on our Twitter feed that you won’t find on our other social networks. Simply tweet to @ARMLS and we’ll respond.

LinkedIn and Google+
Our LinkedIn group is all about our Subscribers, the topic of conversation is 100% up to you. You can request to join our LinkedIn Group here. Google+ is the up and coming social network, you can find our G+ page here.

Going Beyond YouTube for RE Video

For many years YouTube was the network of choice for online real estate video, it still is, but some social networks are now joining in. Vine, a Twitter owned company, lets users create 6-second looping videos. Instagram, which was purchased by Facebook for $1 billion, now allows you to create 15-second videos.

YouTube still remains supreme – but someone in the Valley could dominate these networks to become the Vine Realtor or the Instagram Agent – it could be you. Side note: the Best of Real Estate Video Google+ Group is a great place to learn about video.


How to Remove Unnecessary or Unwanted Personal Data Online

The rise of social networks, smartphones, and consumer reviews means a lot more of data about “you” is now online. Maybe you created a Myspace account before Facebook came around. Maybe you want your blog to be the first thing that comes up when your name is typed.

Whatever scenario you find yourself in, Account Killer gives step by step instructions on how to clean up old accounts and data. The website also grades how hard it is to remove your data. Give it a try.


Facebook Enacts 20% Text Rule

This cover photo example is comprised of  more than 20% text of its area.

This cover photo example has more than 20% text, which is now against the rules on Facebook for Pages.

If you’re using a Timeline Cover photo, ads or sponsored stories on Facebook, you’ll want to take note of these new Facebook rules (Rule 1 III. B. and Rule 2 III. D.).

Rule 1: Covers may not include: i. images with more than 20% text;

Rule 2: Ads and sponsored stories for News Feed that originate from Pages may not include images with more than 20% text (effective January 15th, 2013)

Rule 1 only applies to those who have Facebook Pages, not Facebook Profiles. Don’t know the difference? Read this. Since Pages and Profiles can now both run ads, Rule 2 applies to both.

While most Subscribers are not using Facebook Ads, many have created Timeline Cover photos that resemble their business cards. Text may not cover more than 20% of the image, measured programmatically by Facebook on a grid system. Facebook uses an algorithm that lays a grid of 25 blocks over an image, if the image has text in 6 or more blocks, it fails and Facebook rejects the image. Poor Jessica has 15 blocks or 60% of her image is considered text.


You could say – “I’m not a graphic designer and/or I don’t have time to count blocks”
You’d be right and Facebook is in the process of releasing a tool to help businesses measure the text percentage of Cover photos and ads. Until then, here’s a great resource on how to measure the text in your Timeline Covers and Ads.

Measuring Social Influence

Okay, so you’re on social media. But how are you doing? If you are not generating leads through social media, you might want to look at your social influence.

Social influence is the potential you have to affect one’s emotions, opinions, or behaviors – this can be measured online. Services such as Klout or PeerIndex track your mentions, re-tweets and several other metrics and then spit out a score. Jay Thompson (@PhxREguy) has a Klout score of 76 out of 100, while someone new to social media starts at 1. Jay’s tweets are much more likely to be re-tweeted or responded to than someone with a score of 1. The higher the score, the better.

Klout |
The most popular Influence tracker to date is Klout. Klout connects to most social networks, pulls in your data and gives you a Klout score. The most powerful benefit of Klout is the Influence Matrix, which shows your influencer type. It is easy to get wrapped up in the score, but making sure you are influencing in a way that will generate leads is more important.

Click image to read smaller print

Once you are set up up on Klout, you will see yourself on this chart. The Dabbler, Observer and Explorer are less desirable places to be if you goal is lead generation.

PeerIndex |
PeerIndex doesn’t have an influence matrix as they are more concerned with the influence score.The Influence score is helpful for two reasons:

1. When comparing how you are doing to your competition or other real estate agents.

2. When measuring the progress of your efforts. Are you getting more or less influential?

One of the reasons we like PeerIndex is because of something fundamental we don’t like about Klout. Klout scores can be raised by non-influence actions, this makes Klout scores unnaturally high. Klout can be given away to a friend, instead of on an earned basis. Connecting a new network on Klout gains a higher score regardless of how active someone is on that new network.

PeerIndex scores are still based on influence only. We recommend PeerIndex for influence scoring but Klout for their Influence matrix.

Pinterest & Twitter Training Videos

Pinterest is a new social media website and you might be wondering if you should use it. We’ll give you one quick reason, because it is in the Wild West stage of acceptance. There are already established Facebook pages and communities gobbling up customers, but Pinterest is a new open playing field. Below you’ll find a recorded webinar about Pinterest as well as a newly recorded Twitter webinar.

Each week we hold live webinars, which later become recorded training videos. To find all of our other training videos visit our webinar page.

Pinterest webinar training video  Twitter webinar training video

A little more about Pinterest
Pinterest is a social network where users share things they like on interest categorized boards. The site is visually driven, meaning content must have images to be successful. The video above is a practical introduction.

More Facebook Smartphone Apps

Did you know Facebook has more than one smartphone app? We’ve broken down the lesser known Facebook smartphones apps. Don’t forget to download the ARMLS APP while you’re in the app downloading mood.

The “Facebook Pages Manager” app is designed for Facebook users who have Facebook Business Pages. A Facebook Page is different than a Facebook Profile, you can learn the difference here. Many Subscribers are using Pages rather than Profiles to market their real estate services.

This app makes it easy to see what’s happening on your Page, as it separates out your personal Profile from your Pages. This app is only available to iPhone/iPad users at this moment and can be downloaded via the App Store for free.

“Facebook Messenger” is an iPhone/Android app that allows you to send Instant messages and standard messages to your Facebook friends. While the standard Facebook app has messaging capabilities, Facebook Messenger is for serious message senders. This app also has some nice location features and the ability to send photos to other users. This app is also free.

“Facebook Camera” is a photo sharing app that was released in late May. It is designed to provide a better photo sharing and viewing experience. Unlike the standard Facebook app, you can share multiple photos at once.

While it is unconfirmed, you can expect Instagram integration in the future. In fact, it is fair to say that Facebook Camera is a lesser executed copy of Instagram as it does have filters you can apply to photos. This app works on iPhone/iPad only, it’s also free.

Shameless Plug Thursday

This is your chance to show off your real estate related Facebook page. Earlier today we asked our ARMLS Facebook fans to submit their pages on Facebook. This is a great opportunity to display your social media skills and learn from others. To participate, click here and add your comment. The original Facebook post is below:

ARMLSShameless Plug Thursday: plug your real estate related Facebook page below in “comments”. Our policy is against solicitations on this page, unless we ask for it.

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