How to Upload a Photo Using a Work-Around

FBS has identified an intermittent problem when some subscribers try to upload photos into Flexmls. If this is you, here’s a fix you can use to make sure new listing photos get uploaded until the issue gets corrected.

If Your Listing Does NOT Have Photos
 If this is the first time you're adding photos to a listing, start by clicking Original Photo Upload.  

screenshot of flexmls error

You’ll be taken to this screen where you can search for and upload images by clicking Add Files.

error in flexmls screenshot

Once you’ve selected your images, click Start Upload.

Flexmls screenshot

If Your Listing Has Photos
 If your listing already has photos, the process will be will be the same, but with one additional step. Begin by clicking Original Photo Upload.

screenshot of flexmls error

You’ll be taken to the photo page where you can view all of your current images. Click Add Photo.

Flexmls screen shot

You’ll be taken to this screen where you can search for and upload images by clicking Add Files.

error in flexmls screenshot

Once you’ve selected the images you’d like to add, click Start Upload.

Flexmls screenshot

Once you’ve uploaded photos, you’ll be able to reorder, edit and mark one as the Primary.

Tax Info Printing in Flexmls

Cartoon house with Monsoon text overlay

Good news! The Tax Info option has returned in Flexmls! You can now print the Monsoon Tax Summary page at the same time as the Listing Detail Report. No more printing a listing detail report in Flexmls just to create a separate search in Monsoon to print the tax info.

How to Print Tax Info in Flexmls
From the Listings to Print or E-mail page, select the Listing Detail Report check box and the Tax Info check box to print the Listing Detail Report and the Monsoon Tax Summary page.

Screenshot of Tax Info button

Fewer clicks will save you time and that means higher quality service for your clients!

New Flexmls Update: Portal Star Ratings

Star rating and Flexmls screenshot

Flexmls has improved how your clients can rate listings in their portals! Now, instead of just one star icon to indicate that they like a listing, your clients can use up to three stars to indicate their level of interest in a particular listing. As a Subscriber, you can also view and change star ratings on behalf of clients in Flexmls. These changes apply to Flexmls Web, Flexmls Mobile Web and the Flexmls Pro app for iOS.

How Clients Use the 3-Star Rating System
When in their portal, clients can click the single star icon from the news feed or any search. Here we have a listing that has been selected from the Historic Phx Neighborhoods search in the Searches menu and the single star icon has been clicked.

Screenshot of Flexmls

Clicking the single star icon will put the listing in the Saved listing collection, which they can visit in the portal from the Listings menu. From the Saved listing collection, clients can indicate their level of interest by rating the saved listing with 1, 2 or 3 stars.

Screenshot of Flexmls

How You Can View Clients’ 3-Star Ratings
Subscribers can view a client’s star ratings by selecting the client in Contact Management, visiting the client’s Portal tab and clicking on the client’s Saved Listing Collection.

Flexmls Screen Shot

When you’re viewing the client’s Saved Listing Collection, you can see how many stars they’ve given each listing or add or remove stars at the client’s request. You can also sort your clients listing by clicking the Sort button under the List tab. The default sort is now Rating – High to Low.

Flexmls Screenshot

Where Did the Hide Button Go?
Sometimes a client may want to move a listing to their Hidden Listing Collection, which can be found in the Actions menu. After clicking on a listing, the blue Actions menu will appear over the left side of the listing’s thumbnail picture. From there, you or clients can choose to hide a listing. The actions button will not appear for Subscribers unless you are in the Saved Listing Collection.

Flexmls Screenshot

50 Reasons You Need a Realtor


Think you don’t need a Real Estate Agent? Think again. Buying or selling a home is one of the largest financial transactions people will make in their lives. If you (or anyone you know) is on the fence about getting a Realtor, check back here each week for another reason why using a professional is the wisest move you can make.

We will add new reasons throughout 2016 until we hit 50:

  1. They can handle the lookie-loos. 
  2. Your Realtor can score 100% on this quiz. Can you?
  3. Realtors can handle a client’s *ahem* anxieties.


4. Your Realtor will make sure your listing photos don’t look like this.  

5. Being ethical is part of their job, literally.

6. Realtors think logically and will prevent you from making a bad decision based on your emotions.


7. They’ll handle the price negotiations.


8. You’ll have access to all the listings in the Valley, not just a fraction online.


9. Your Realtor knows the sweet spot to price your home. 

10. You’ll never have to worry about losing out to a higher paying tenant every year.

11. You can count on your Agent to give you the kind of decoration tough love that gets faster, higher priced sales.

There’s An App For That


At a recent monthly Phoenix real estate tour, Kerry Melcher, ARMLS® MLS Director and former Realtor of 27 years, kicked off the event with a presentation of her favorite apps for Realtors. In case you missed it, here’s a recap of her top apps hand picked for maximum benefit.

  1. Supra eKey
    • No more checking your bag to make sure you have your ActiveKey or worrying if it’s charged. The eKey is an app on your smart phone that lets you access the new lockboxes via Bluetooth. *You must visit an ARMLS Support Center to get started using the app. Call us to learn more.
  2. DocuSign, Sign-n-Send, eSign (via AAR)
    • Scribble your Jon Hancock and send the document right from your phone, unless you enjoy printing, signing ,scanning, and emailing.
  3. MLS
    • Flexmls and Homesnap Pro are mobile versions of your MLS. If you’re not taking advantage of these your shorting yourself.
  4. ShowingTime
    • Schedule and manage showings with other subscribers in the format that’s most convenient for everyone (integrated into the Flexmls app and Homesnap Pro).
  5. Magic Plan
    • Need to re-arrange a room? See what it looks like before you do any heavy lifting by setting to-scale dimensions, selecting your furnishings and creating a perfect floor plan.
  6. Monsoon
    • Tax and public records data at your fingertips via (not an app but optimized for your device).
  7. Social Media
    • Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram- Go where the clients are. Having a strong social media presence opens the door for prospective clients to find you and makes it easier for current clients to get to know you.
  8. Cardmunch, Worldcard
    • Snap a pic of a business card and have it neatly filed away in your app.

No MLS Access? Restore Your MLS Service

To restore MLS service after being shut-off for non-payment of MLS fees, please make a payment at Use your Flexmls user id and password to log in. If you have trouble logging in, click this link. Once a payment has been made, service will be restored in 30 minutes but may take up to 2 hours if there is high traffic volumes.

If you are having trouble with the payment screen or if processing fails, please call our Billing department at: 480-303-7248 or email them at: (Do not send your credit card number via email).

Don’t know if you were shut-off for non-payment?
To check, log in to, if you have a balance on your account, make a payment to restore service. If you have no balance, please call 480-303-7020. A $15 reinstatement fee has been added to all delinquent accounts.

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