iPad Map Search

You can create map searches with the iPad, all it takes is some smart gesturing. Let’s start with a simple rectangle. Once on the Map Search screen, select the rectangle icon, it will then become highlighted.

Tap, hold and drag anywhere on the map to draw the rectangle area. See the animated graphic below or view the gesture on YouTube. To draw a circle, use the same method but select the Circle icon. Next, learn how to draw polygons in flexmls on the iPad.

iPad Map Search Animated Graphic flexmls

The Listing Syndication Skinny

Map of The Internet

Many Subscribers think that ARMLS syndicates (distributes) their listings to public websites across the Internet, for example, to sites like Trulia and Zillow. In fact, your Broker decides if listings are syndicated to third party websites.

ARMLS entered into an agreement with ListHub to distribute the listings of Brokers who have opted into the ListHub service. High level syndication options are set in flexmls, and each Broker has the opportunity to open a ListHub account wherein they can opt-in and choose which websites (approx. 51 sites) display their listings. ListHub offers the advantage of a single entity to distribute listings to many websites at once, at no cost.

iPad / flexmls Scrolling Tip

Our Subscribers have shown a continued interest in the iPad. While we do not support the iPad, many are using it with flexmls. A special thanks to our iPad wielding Subscribers for the following tip:

Trouble scrolling?
Use two fingers and swipe in a upward or downward motion. This tip takes advantage of an iPad feature called multi-touch. Some Lists and frames, like in the Contacts pane, won’t scroll when swiped with one finger, try using two.

iPad Compatibility Improves Inside flexmls

ipad flexmls“We’ve released an update today for flexmls® Web that significantly improves compatibility on the iPad,” starts a blog post by Michael Wurzer, the creator of flexmls. So what is working better? Scrolling and orientation seems to be the biggest improvements and a large milestone. While there are still areas to be improved, Flash charts and touch controls on mapping to name two, the basic functionality is there.

It seems as though the iPad is moving closer to legitimacy in the business world as there is evidence that the product is stealing sales away from the laptop product category. Meanwhile, it is encouraging that FBS has taken steps to ensure that ARMLS Subscribers can utilize the latest technology when searching flexmls. For the whole scoop, read: FBS Confessions: iPad support and why I love web developer interns

Work on Behalf of a Contact Explained

While looking at properties in flexmls® Web, you suddenly see the perfect house for a client.  It is a little further out than they originally wanted, but you believe they might be open to looking at it.  You eagerly want to place it in their portal. This was once only possible to achieve through Contact Management, but now you may apply Favorites, Possibilities, Rejects, and Agent Recommended listings for your Portal customers from any search results page with the Work on behalf of a contact feature.

Click on Work on behalf of a contact, choose the contact’s name, and your search results page will change to display the contact’s name in the top left. You will now be able to mark it with an Agent Recommendation and it will land in their portal in the Agent Recommendation listing cart, without having to do anything more. Next thing you know, your client is moving in to that house a little further out.

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