HOA Addendum / Documents in Flexmls


The Arizona Association of Realtors has created a new HOA Addendum document for buyers and sellers to complete before closing. The Arizona Association of REALTORS® Form Workgroup Chair explains the motivation behind this new form:

“Parties were often surprised at close of escrow by previously undisclosed HOA fees that neither the buyer nor seller had agreed to pay. In an effort to avoid this scenario, an AAR forms workgroup created a revised HOA Addendum that promotes a greater level of disclosure of the various fees that are payable upon close of escrow. This greater level of disclosure should allow for fewer surprises, happier clients and successful closings.”

Visit the AAR HOA Info page to find more information about the HOA addendum, as well as to view a sample addendum. You may be prompted for a password when accessing the page.

As a reminder, new documents in Flexmls are Private by default when uploaded for ARMLS Subscribers. A document description selector is also available to aid Subscribers in choosing the correct document visibility setting.


Before posting a document as Public, check out the ARMLS Rules & Regulations and Inappropriate Language Policy to check what can be displayed publicly.


Rotate Photos in Flexmls

Sideways. That’s one way to describe some photos in Flexmls. There is an easy fix if a photo appears sideways on your listing, use the rotation icons in the photo editor. Follow the steps below:

1. On the Change Listing screen click Photos

2. Click the rotate icons on the desired photo until the photo is in the correct orientation:

Exterior Stories & Interior Levels

Two required fields often give Subscribers trouble, Exterior Stories & Interior Levels:


Exterior Stories = 6
The Exterior Stories field under General Property Description should include the entire building the unit resides.

Interior Levels = 2
the Interior Levels field reflects the number of stories of the unit itself, not of all units.

Find The Map Code Grid Faster

The Map Code/Grid field is required when entering a listing in flexmls. Many use the ARMLS Grid Map Foldout on ARMLS.com but there is a quicker way to look up the Map Code/Grid.

From a Map Search – use the Locate Pin, type the address and then click Locate. Select “Use This Location” from the white map bubble.

In the Overlays menu in the top right of the screen, select Map Grid. You will then need to zoom out to see the map grid boundaries. The red letter/number combination is the Map Code Grid needed in flexmls. See the image below.

How to Change a Listing from Pending to UCB/CCBS

First, the seller must have directed you to continue to market the property via written permission. See our UCB/CCBS checker tool for guidance. Next, a listing must be placed in Active status first to be able to select the sub-status. Sub-status? UCB and CCBS are not a standalone status, they are sub-statuses found under Active. On the Change Residential Listing screen, select Back on Market (Active):


Then select Add/Remove UCB/CCBS and complete the Add UCB/CCBS screen: 



Are You Using The Default Map in flexmls?

There might be a time saving tip you’re not using – the default map. Begin a map search in your neck-of-the-woods. Instead of starting out with the full map of the Valley in a map search, a default map starts you out in a section of your choice. Most Subscribers work a territory, making the default map a great time-saver when starting searches in your area. This setting can be found in Preferences > Default Map.


After (setting the default map to north Mesa or anywhere you like):

Syndication Options in flexmls



There has been much talk recently regarding the syndication options ARMLS provides within flexmls. While some new options have been added in the past few months, the practice of how listings are distributed via these settings has not changed.

Whether or not ARMLS provides listings to these syndication destinations (publishers like AZcentral, Realtor.com, Homes.com, and Trulia) is always the broker’s decision. If a broker has not opted in to a particular publisher, ARMLS does not make their listing data available to that publisher.

When ARMLS enters into an agreement for a publisher to be added to the syndication options in flexmls, we are simply facilitating the transfer of listing data as directed by each broker.

As with any business decision, brokers must weigh the pros and cons of sending their listings to each destination. If the benefits of sending their listings to a publisher outweigh concerns they have, they will send the listings. If their concerns are too great, we would suggest the broker voice those concerns to the publisher, and if not satisfied with the outcome cease to send their listings there.

Flood and Flood Zone Data

Flood Data from Realist

On this rainy day in the Valley, Subscribers may get questions about flash floods or flood zones. Realist and iMAPP and Monsoon have flood data. In Realist flood information is displayed via a map overlay. In iMAPP, flood data is found in the last box of the Tax Report. In Monsoon the flood data is an overlay that can be added on the map. The FEMA FloodSmart website has complete information about flood risks and insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program. See all flood Designations here.

Another flood fact to note is ARS 28-910, also known as the Stupid Motorist Law, that states that motorists who become stranded after driving around barricades to enter a flooded stretch of roadway may be charged for the cost of rescue.

iPad Map Search

You can create map searches with the iPad, all it takes is some smart gesturing. Let’s start with a simple rectangle. Once on the Map Search screen, select the rectangle icon, it will then become highlighted.

Tap, hold and drag anywhere on the map to draw the rectangle area. See the animated graphic below or view the gesture on YouTube. To draw a circle, use the same method but select the Circle icon. Next, learn how to draw polygons in flexmls on the iPad.

iPad Map Search Animated Graphic flexmls

iPad / flexmls Scrolling Tip

Our Subscribers have shown a continued interest in the iPad. While we do not support the iPad, many are using it with flexmls. A special thanks to our iPad wielding Subscribers for the following tip:

Trouble scrolling?
Use two fingers and swipe in a upward or downward motion. This tip takes advantage of an iPad feature called multi-touch. Some Lists and frames, like in the Contacts pane, won’t scroll when swiped with one finger, try using two.

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