Is This Listing in a Community Facility District (CFD)?


A Community Facility District or CFD, is a special taxing district set by a municipality or county as a way of obtaining funding for public works, services, schools and improvements within a community. The funding is used for anything from street lights to building parks to road maintenance. We have been exploring ways to bring this information inside the Monsoon Tax System but at this moment this information is found through the county.

How to check if your listing is in a CFD
If you want to check for a specific property or find the fees associated with a particular CFD, you can go to the County Treasurer’s website and type in that property’s parcel number to access that information. From there, view the corresponding year to view its details.


Where do I find the CFDs in my area?
Instead of viewing CFDs on a per parcel basis, many city websites provide CFD information:


Take note, there is a Com Facilities Distr field in Flexmls but it is optional.

Is There a Recommended Website Browser I Should Use With Flexmls?

logos of the top 5 web browsers

Wondering if you’re using the best web browser for Flexmls? Chances are that your preferred browser is good to use already, as Flexmls is designed to be used on all the major browsers. For optimal performance, be sure you’re running the most up-to-date version.

According to FBS, the company that makes Flexmls, these 5 desktop browsers are used the most often to access Flexmls:

  • Chrome* – 48.39%
  • Internet Explorer 11 – 17.3%
  • Safari 10 – 15.61%
  • Firefox* – 10.52%
  • Edge 14 – 7.74%

*Chrome and Firefox automatically update to the latest version unless automatic updating is turned off.

When it comes down to it, it’s really about your personal preference and opinions on which browser you use.

Three Quick Flexmls Changes

Flexmls rolled out three small changes today, and while they aren’t groundbreaking, you may find them helpful:

  1. Additional language was added when selecting preview mode on subscriptions but the functionality remains the same. The added wording aims to clear up a common misunderstanding of the feature.
  2. Hot Sheets have a new look but same purpose.
  3. A Select All on the photos screen allows you to delete up to 50 photos in bulk. Keep in mind, you must leave at least one photo of the front exteriorly with the listing.

How Do I Reset My Flexmls Password?

Cartoon hand resetting password on cellphone

If you need (or want) to change your Flexmls password, there are a few ways depending on your circumstance to quickly change your password.

I Don’t Remember My Password

On the initial log in screen you’ll have the option to put in your user name and click If Your Password Is Not Working Click Here. You’ll be sent an email with a temporary password.

password reset on the main page

It’s important to note that when Flexmls asks you for your current password, enter the temporary password that was just given. After you enter the temporary password, the system will direct you to create a new one.

Flexmls password reset screen shot

Password Change Inside Flexmls

To update your password if you are already inside Flexmls, say because you know your password will soon expire:

Go to the Preferences tab
Click on My Profile
Select Change My Password

Flexmls password change screen

Locked Out of Flexmls

If you are locked out of Flexmls or don’t receive the temporary password email, you can reach out to the ARMLS Helpdesk at 480-921-7777. The Helpdesk is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Once a representative is on the line, they will ask to you verify some personal information. A temporary password will then be assigned and you can proceed to log in. Again, when Flexmls asks for your current password, enter the temporary password that was just given. Flexmls will then direct you to create a new password.

Tax Info Printing in Flexmls

Cartoon house with Monsoon text overlay

Good news! The Tax Info option has returned in Flexmls! You can now print the Monsoon Tax Summary page at the same time as the Listing Detail Report. No more printing a listing detail report in Flexmls just to create a separate search in Monsoon to print the tax info.

How to Print Tax Info in Flexmls
From the Listings to Print or E-mail page, select the Listing Detail Report check box and the Tax Info check box to print the Listing Detail Report and the Monsoon Tax Summary page.

Screenshot of Tax Info button

Fewer clicks will save you time and that means higher quality service for your clients!

New Flexmls Update: Portal Star Ratings

Star rating and Flexmls screenshot

Flexmls has improved how your clients can rate listings in their portals! Now, instead of just one star icon to indicate that they like a listing, your clients can use up to three stars to indicate their level of interest in a particular listing. As a Subscriber, you can also view and change star ratings on behalf of clients in Flexmls. These changes apply to Flexmls Web, Flexmls Mobile Web and the Flexmls Pro app for iOS.

How Clients Use the 3-Star Rating System
When in their portal, clients can click the single star icon from the news feed or any search. Here we have a listing that has been selected from the Historic Phx Neighborhoods search in the Searches menu and the single star icon has been clicked.

Screenshot of Flexmls

Clicking the single star icon will put the listing in the Saved listing collection, which they can visit in the portal from the Listings menu. From the Saved listing collection, clients can indicate their level of interest by rating the saved listing with 1, 2 or 3 stars.

Screenshot of Flexmls

How You Can View Clients’ 3-Star Ratings
Subscribers can view a client’s star ratings by selecting the client in Contact Management, visiting the client’s Portal tab and clicking on the client’s Saved Listing Collection.

Flexmls Screen Shot

When you’re viewing the client’s Saved Listing Collection, you can see how many stars they’ve given each listing or add or remove stars at the client’s request. You can also sort your clients listing by clicking the Sort button under the List tab. The default sort is now Rating – High to Low.

Flexmls Screenshot

Where Did the Hide Button Go?
Sometimes a client may want to move a listing to their Hidden Listing Collection, which can be found in the Actions menu. After clicking on a listing, the blue Actions menu will appear over the left side of the listing’s thumbnail picture. From there, you or clients can choose to hide a listing. The actions button will not appear for Subscribers unless you are in the Saved Listing Collection.

Flexmls Screenshot

MLSSAZ (TARMLS) / ARMLS Data Share Ending

MLSSA (TARMLS) building

The MLS of Southern Arizona (MLSSAZ), formerly known as TARMLS, has given notice to ARMLS® that the data share agreement between both parties will end on August 8, 2016. Due to their future technology plans, MLSSAZ needs to remove their feed from ARMLS search options.

ARMLS Subscribers will no longer be able to search TARMLS/MLSSAZ listings from Flexmls and conversely, TARMLS/MLSSAZ users will no longer be able to search ARMLS listings.

Flexmls Association screenshot

The data share only consisted of publicly available fields, therefore Subscribers wishing to view listings in the Tucson/Southern Arizona areas can visit MLSSAZ.com. The possibility of a data share agreement in the future will remain open after MLSSAZ completes its technology upgrade.

The Sweet Spot: Improved Map Overlays

Multiple Map Overlays Improved With Better Logic

Flexmls has undergone a major improvement when using multiple saved map overlays in the same map search. Previously, only listings found in the overlapping areas were displayed. Now, the search looks for results in any of the overlays.


This is not to be confused with map shapes that already worked in this manner. Being able to re-use and combine multiple map overlays in the same search is powerful. For example, it’s often better to draw subdivisons than use the Subdivision field:

Sun City


Flexmls Portal Changes 2016 Explained

The MLS has undergone a few changes this year. To make it easier, we’ve summed up some of the biggest (and most beneficial) changes in a quick video tutorial. Now, both you and your clients can edit their user name (email address), password and change their dashboards. You can also see a client-eye-view of changes to the subscriptions and portal pages. Note: click the full screen icon on the video player to make the video bigger.

Subdivisions- Draw or Enter?


When searching for a specific subdivision in Flexmls, Subscribers can enter the name of the subdivision or draw a map. But out of these two methods, which one returns the most accurate results? We’ve researched this question and have found a definitive winner. For the cleanest, most accurate results, draw a map.

Subdivisions are entered when the listing is created, which means that field is completely dependent on the Subscriber. But unlike other fields, like number of bedrooms and listing price, subdivisions can be trickier to get right. These are the top reasons why entering the name is less accurate than drawing a map.

  1. Typos
    • When you search by the name of the subdivision, Flexmls will only retrieve exact matches. So searching for “Copeland Hill” won’t bring up all those listings entered as “Copeland Hills” or “Copeland Hlll“. It’s an innocent mistake, but one that can hamper your search.
  2. Accidents
    • Entering what you think is correct rather than what you know is correct can lead to your listing getting crossed off a search.
  3. On Purposes
    • There’s also the Subscriber who knowingly enters the incorrect subdivision on a listing. This usually occurs when a home is bordering a highly desirable subdivision that has the ability to increase the asking price and decrease the DOM.

Remember that incorrectly entering the subdivision, whether accidentally or purposefully, is a violation of the Rules and Regulations Section 8.5 and can result in fines.

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