Flexmls Email Opt-In Update

New: When a contact clicks on a view listing(s)/search/CMA link from a manual email, that contact is then opted-in to receive subscriptions. 

Before, the only way to opt-in contacts for subscriptions was via the Flexmls invitation email that could only be re-sent once. Now, you can encourage your contacts to opt-in by sending them a manual email of listings. Make sure to add your prospect in Contact Management prior to using this feature.

opt-in email text

In addition, if Send a Copy to Me is selected on a manual email, it will now include a link back to the private version view in your copy of the email.

private link screenshot


Mobile Flexmls Portal Changes

Flexmls Mobile, not to be confused with the desktop or native app versions, has undergone a few updates to improve the user/portal experience. Here are some of the cooler changes to the mobile portal:

Portal Landing Page 
When a client doesn’t enter the mobile portal through a subscription, the Home tab is now the default landing page a portal user sees.

Flexmls Mobile Agent Landing Screen

Portal View: Map
The List/Map toggles at the bottom of the screen allow for easier navigation on the map screen. There is also a feature where clients can draw on the map to limit the search.

Flexmls Mobile Draw

Portal View: List
The new list view has a better layout, a bigger display picture and is easier to use when sorting. The overall look and experience is more in-line with what clients expect from other third party portals.


Don’t use Flexmls Mobile? Similar changes to desktop and native app portals are coming in the next few months.

Syndication Change for Zillow and Trulia

Staring at choices making decisions

The syndication options Zillow and Trulia will now be combined and renamed as “Zillow Group” in the Flexmls export/syndication options.

The setting to send listings to Zillow, Trulia or both will now be found under one option in Flexmls. Zillow’s syndication policy has changed to no longer support two separate feeds to distinguish between Trulia.com and Zillow.com through Flexmls. This means that now, instead of selecting Zillow and/or Trulia to send your listings, there is one option for both called Zillow Group.

Before and After:


Do I Need to Do Anything?

• If you had Zillow and Trulia selected for your listing, nothing is required from you.
• If you had Zillow selected but not Trulia, the listing will be automatically enrolled as Zillow Group and begin syndicating out to both Zillow and Trulia.
• If you had Trulia selected but not Zillow, you will need to manually select Zillow Group and the listing will be sent out to both Zillow and Trulia.

To adjust your settings, see the Export tab on each listing from the Change screen.

Zillow Group may not be an available option as this option is a broker-level decision.

MLSSAZ (TARMLS) / ARMLS Data Share Ending

MLSSA (TARMLS) building

The MLS of Southern Arizona (MLSSAZ), formerly known as TARMLS, has given notice to ARMLS® that the data share agreement between both parties will end on August 8, 2016. Due to their future technology plans, MLSSAZ needs to remove their feed from ARMLS search options.

ARMLS Subscribers will no longer be able to search TARMLS/MLSSAZ listings from Flexmls and conversely, TARMLS/MLSSAZ users will no longer be able to search ARMLS listings.

Flexmls Association screenshot

The data share only consisted of publicly available fields, therefore Subscribers wishing to view listings in the Tucson/Southern Arizona areas can visit MLSSAZ.com. The possibility of a data share agreement in the future will remain open after MLSSAZ completes its technology upgrade.

3 New MLS Fields

We’ve made some improvements to the MLS by adding 3 new fields. These updates can make searching and communicating with other Subscribers easier and more effective.

1. Use ShowingTime added to Showing Instructions


Use ShowingTime can be set in Show Instructions – DND2 if you wish to require ShowingTime be used to schedule showings.

2. FIRPTA may apply added to Special Listing Conditions


FIRPTA may apply can now be disclosed and searched in Special Listing Conditions.

3. Garage dimensions and Basement dimensions 


Garage dimensions and Basement dimensions can now be entered and are displayed on the detail report.


New Portal Preferences


You can now choose what happens after a client clicks a listing link from an auto email. Previously, all clients were taken to the News Feed. Now, you can choose from three destinations:

News Feed (the default)
Links will open in the client’s news feed showing the selected listing and up to 200 of the most recent listings the client has received from their subscriptions.

Emailed Listings
Links will open showing only the listings from that email with the clicked listing selected.

Saved Searches
Links will open to the selected listings within the saved search that generated the email.

This setting can be applied for all clients:

Or on a per-client basis:

If you are happy with the current default (News Feed), nothing has changed for you.

The Sweet Spot: Improved Map Overlays

Multiple Map Overlays Improved With Better Logic

Flexmls has undergone a major improvement when using multiple saved map overlays in the same map search. Previously, only listings found in the overlapping areas were displayed. Now, the search looks for results in any of the overlays.


This is not to be confused with map shapes that already worked in this manner. Being able to re-use and combine multiple map overlays in the same search is powerful. For example, it’s often better to draw subdivisons than use the Subdivision field:

Sun City


Updates to the Listing Rules and Policies

We’ve had some recent changes to the listing rules and policies. While most of the new updates are pretty innocuous, there is a major rule change you should review.

Photos / Media
Previously, photos were restricted to the property, either the view from the property or the property itself. Now, photos can be used to express additional benefits of the property or lifestyle amenities.

blog Rules

Other Updates 
In addition to a new photo policy, we’ve fixed typos, formally added CCBS to existing documents, added pending status to the IDX dataset and cleaned up definitions per NAR.

Redline Documents
To see all changes verbatim, we have drafting documents that show where changes have been made. Please note that these documents are the rough drafts, the final official documents can be found on the ARMLS.com/Rules.





Flexmls Portal Changes 2016 Explained

The MLS has undergone a few changes this year. To make it easier, we’ve summed up some of the biggest (and most beneficial) changes in a quick video tutorial. Now, both you and your clients can edit their user name (email address), password and change their dashboards. You can also see a client-eye-view of changes to the subscriptions and portal pages. Note: click the full screen icon on the video player to make the video bigger.

New Opt-In Status Report


Want to know your client’s Opt-In status in Flexmls? Subscribers can now view subscription statuses for all contacts in one clean, real-time, easy-to-read report: the Opt-In Status Report. The report can be run directly from Flexmls Web and allows you to:

  • • See contacts with a Pending status and provide a link to resend the opt-in email request
  • • See email addresses flagged as Undeliverable and jump to a contact’s record in order to edit their email address and ensure their opt-in email can get through
  • • See when Confirmed email addresses will lapse
  • • See who has Opted-Out of receiving emails in order to follow up with them personally

Get Started
To access the Opt-In Status Report, go to the Contacts Menu and click Opt-In Status.


The report has five tabs to help you manage your subscriptions: Pending Opt-In, Undeliverable, Confirmed, Opted Out, and Inactive. Each tab is explained in detail below. Each tab displays 25 contacts at once. If you have more than 25 contacts within a particular status, click on the page number found in the report’s right corner to view more contacts.

Pending Opt-In 
The Pending Opt-In tab shows contacts who have been sent an opt-in request. The opt-in request includes a link to confirm their email address and to indicate that they want listing update emails. Until the contact clicks the link, listing updates will not be sent. The Pending status indicates that, although they have received the opt-in request email, they have not yet clicked to confirm their email address.

The Days Pending Column indicates how many days have gone by since the opt-in email request was sent to them. If you would like to manually resend the opt-in email, click the Resend Request link.

OI Status Report

Note: You can only resend the link once, so it would be appropriate to contact the user personally before clicking the Resend Request option. Click on a contact’s name to view their full contact information including all phone numbers and email addresses you have associated with the contact in Flexmls.

The Undeliverable tab shows contacts with email addresses that have been flagged as undeliverable. Contacts shown on this tab are unable to receive opt-in requests or listing updates via email. The Days Undeliverable column shows how long the email address has been marked as undeliverable, and the Reason column indicates the reason why email is not being sent to the address.

A contact’s email address may be flagged as undeliverable in the following situations:

  • The address doesn’t exist – The email address, as listed, may be incorrect. The suggested course of action is to contact the individual personally and verify their email address.
  • Considered spam – Either the contact or their email provider has marked your message as spam. The suggested course of action is for the contact to search their spam folder, find the email, and mark the sender as Not Spam. Once they have done so, you can resend the opt-in email.
  • Unknown technical error – This indicates that contact’s email provider had a technical issue with the delivery.
  • Recipient mailbox full – The contact’s mailbox is full and cannot accept incoming email. The suggested course of action is to contact the individual and allow them to clear out their Inbox so they can receive incoming email. Once they have done so, you can resend the opt-in email.

OI Status Report 2

The Confirmed tab shows all of your contacts who have confirmed that they have a valid email address and would like to receive listing updates via email. The Days Until Lapsed column indicates how many days must pass with no activity before the contact’s email address lapses and it is marked as Inactive. A contact’s email address status will stay Confirmed, and they will receive listing updates indefinitely, as long as they click any listing link in their subscription email at least once every 13 months.

The Last Click in Subscription Email column indicates the last time the contact clicked a link to view listings from their subscription email.

OI Status Report 3

Opted Out
The Opted Out tab shows contacts who have clicked the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of a listing updates email and opted out. These contacts have manually clicked to opt out of receiving listing updates via email. The Days Opted Out column shows how many days have passed since each contact opted out of receiving subscription emails. The Last Click in Subscription Email column indicates the last time the contact clicked a link to view listings from their subscription email.

If you would like to manually resend the opt-in email request, click the Resend Request link (not pictured above).

OI Status report 4

Remember: The contact has already manually opted out of receiving listing updates via email, so you should only resend the opt-in request if they have contacted you and indicated that they would like to start receiving listing updates again. If you believe they have opted out by mistake, please contact them before resending the opt-in email. Click on a contact’s name to view their full contact information including all phone numbers and email addresses you have associated with the contact in Flexmls.

The Inactive tab shows all contacts who have been marked as Inactive due to the contact not clicking a link in their subscription email for 13 months. No listing updates are sent to inactive email addresses. If you would like to invite the contact to subscribe to listing updates, you can manually resend the opt-in email by clicking the Resend Request link.


Note: You can only resend the link once, so before sending it, we recommend reaching out to the user to see if it was received. To resend, click on the Resend Request option. Click on the contact’s name to view their full contact information including all phone numbers and email addresses you have associated with the contact in Flexmls. If you need to send the request a second time, please contact our Helpdesk at 480-303-7249.

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