No, You Can’t Post Another Broker’s Listings Without Permission

Photo by Ben K Adams

Photo by Ben Adams

It’s a hot topic – posting another Broker’s listings without permission outside of IDX. It is an ARMLS rule violation and the Data Integrity department is on the case. But we need your help. When reporting a possible 10.11 rule violation, the Data Integrity department needs the following information:

1. A link to the individual posting. Links like this –, are nearly impossible to investigate as they point to hundreds of listings.

2. The address of the subject property

3. The listing number

What happens after contacting ARMLS?
If the reporting Subscriber isn’t the Listing Agent of the listing in question, the Data Integrity department will reach out to the Listing Agent to ask if permission was given or if they give permission for the posting.

If the listing agent did not give permission or you are the listing agent and didn’t give permission – we will address the report according to the ARMLS Penalty Policy.

But Arizona State Law and ADRE opinion say it’s okay?
ARMLS rules can be more restrictive than the law and only apply to listings filed with ARMLS. Your acceptance of the Subscriber agreement dictates the adoption of the ARMLS Rules & Regulations and other policies.


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  1. Stephanie Sandoval via Facebook

    Question Armls Gurus – So I have a question – Lets see a broker that markets Urban Properties or a Golf Course community – They list all homes for sale in the Landmark building – There is no way they have gotten permission becuase its probably updating through IDX – Is this allowed or no if its on their website?

  2. ARMLS via Facebook

    If the data is displaying through IDX, than it is within the rules. The rule applies to non-IDX websites.

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