AWC / UCB Listings Fall Month Over Month

The newest issue of STAT has a new chart that tracks AWC/UCB listings.

Chart AWC & UCB vs. Actives

For the nine consecutive months since STAT began tracking the AWC makeup in the Active listing inventory, AWC listings (now UCB) have fallen each month (-38% change). Why? Lenders are moving short sales faster, reducing the time a short sale listing stays in AWC/UCB status. Better Subscriber understanding of when a listing should be UCB (formerly AWC) is also a contributing factor. Did the Seller provide written permission to continue to market the property, regardless of any contingencies?  If not, the listing should be placed in Pending.


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  1. Thomas P Cramer via Facebook

    Very glad you got rid of the acronym AWC. It was very confusing for buyers to understand and websites like Zillow and others still listed them as ACTIVE when they really are NOT.
    The new acronym UCB is much better!

  2. Patrick Brennan via Facebook

    UCB is still syndicated as “Active”, but the name change is most welcome indeed.

  3. Barb Henderson via Facebook

    I agree, but my buyer agents enjoyed the calls on voice pad!!

  4. Nancy Campbell via Facebook

    Some do not change the status from ACTIVE to UCB, but have in under special conditions and remarks that a contract has been received and being reviewed or back ups are being accepted … should be UCB.

  5. Howard Rudin via Facebook

    very happy. wondering if ucb shows up all over the internet?

  6. Suzanne Steinmann via Facebook

    Good Question Howard…that would be helpful. I like the change as well since nobody knew the difference between the AWC choices. But I wish it would default to just “active” listings instead of both active and UCB. Most of us start with an active only search and move on to other options if we don’t find enough listings.

  7. ARMLS via Facebook

    Howard and Suzanne, wherever your Broker has decided to send listings, that third party decides whether to include UCB with Actives.

  8. Suzanne Steinmann via Facebook

    ARMLS…thanks for the response 🙂

  9. Patti Irwin

    you still have contigencies in UBC..why not make it easy, contigent meaning still contingent on inspection, financing, etc .or pending..pending meaning all contigencies have been met ready to close. Back ups taken during contigent period only..

    • ARMLS Social Media Team

      Contingencies are no longer a consideration in UBC. There needs to be a contact pending and the Seller must have given approval to take backups – the Contingency element was removed completely.

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