AWC Seems Over Used Lately, What’s Up with That?

ARMLS Guest Blogger Frank

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P.R. writes: AWC seems over used lately. What’s up with that?

Frank: Ugh! Short Sales and Lender Owned listings have screwed up how AWC gets used. When these listings started to flood our market many Agents were unclear as to when the listing should be moved from Active status. Buyers and Sellers were waiting to hear from the banks, Buyer’s Agents were getting frustrated when finding ‘Active’ listings were not available, so there was a big push to get the listings out of Active status and into a status that more accurately reflected the state of offer/contract. Thus the influx of listings into AWC.

To further clarify, the decision to change a listing to AWC vs. Pending is at the sole discretion of the Seller, and determined by their desire, or not, to continue to market the property.  If they wish to continue to market, then the listing goes to AWC.  If they do not, then Pending is appropriate.

The June / July issue of WAVE discusses a ‘Back to Basics’ approach to understanding the AWC vs. Pending confusion.


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  1. JohnCionci

    The reason this is so over used is because of the internet…Listings still show up there as Active in buyers searches and buyers will call the agent for more details…buyer leads for agents. By adding the listing to Pending means no buyer leads. 

  2. Brian Pierce-Realtor via Facebook

    AWC is just a waste of time 99.9% of the time!

  3. Chris Webb via Facebook

    There needs to be a status of its own for short sales awaiting approval. “Pending” screws up market stats as many of those listings will never close. How about SSL (Short Sale in Limbo)?

  4. Pat Monahan via Facebook

    Does it really matter to a buyers agent?

  5. Chris Webb via Facebook

    Pat yes it does – AWC shows up as “Active” on IDX sites and it’s really annoying when your buyer client thinks you’re not showing them everything because they found 25 listings on a competitor’s site.

  6. Artur Ciesielski

    ” the decision to change a listing to AWC vs. Pending is at the sole discretion of the Seller”

    That may be the intent, but I doubt it’s the seller making that decision.

  7. Kristi McCann via Facebook

    AWC is no different to me than Pending, when it comes to showing homes. It does show progress in a transaction; however, for me, it translates to “don’t show this home, it’s gone”.
    Thanks to agents who maintain their listings. I appreciate you!

  8. Jim Carlisto

    Agents that works with buyers will tell you that AWC is one of the most frustrating things we encounter. If all the websites recognized the status and did not continue to show as “Active” the AWC status would be fine. No matter how hard you work to convey this to your buyers.they will still find these properties on other sites and ask you about them. I encourage buyers to use my website since it provides them with the most up to date information using the flex IDX.

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