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SEVRAR Office Shut-Offs

Access pulled

Access pulled

Editor’s noteIn an earlier version of this blog post we may have unintentionally implied that REALTOR® membership was required for MLS access. This is not the case, alternative options exist for MLS access.

Tuesday was a tough day for around 4,100 Subscribers, so we would like to take a moment and address a few question posted to our Facebook Page. Most of the questions are best answered by SEVRAR, but we’ll try our best:

How can ARMLS shut my office off?
We didn’t, SEVRAR shut down offices and individuals for non-payment, or offices for full-participation. The association by-laws say that all licensees of an office need be in good standing or the whole office loses access (MLS, lockbox, etc.) and benefits.

SEVRAR is not my association, why was my access revoked?
You might not have a relationship with SEVRAR but your office may. For example, you may be with SAAR but your office might be with SEVRAR. Since shut-offs happened at the office level, many lost access.

How do I regain access to flexmls?
Contact your broker. Your broker must resolve this issue. ARMLS cannot restore your service.

Happy Birthday Arizona – A Listing From 102 Years Ago

521830_10151525972573755_2047655094_nExactly 102 years ago today, Arizona became the 48th state. In honor, we pulled a real estate ad from the day Arizona became a state, 2/14/1912, via “The Arizona Republican” (now known as The Arizona Republic). Read the full paper from 2/14/1912 here - real estate classifieds are on page 10.

Dandy Six room brick house with screen sleeping room – $2300

FOR SALE — $2300 — A dandy six room brick house, with screen sleeping room, on corner of avenue, nice large lot, with nice, new lawn and young shade trees; two blocks from car line; shed for horse or cow, chicken yard etc. Can be bought for only $300 cash, balance $25 per month, including interest. Look this up. Bright’s Realty Co, 237 West Monroe St.

Bonus ad (this house is still standing today):

YouTube and The MLS

YouTube Player

YouTube Player

Embedded YouTube videos are not allowed in the video field of the MLS for two reasons: 1. The embedded YouTube allows a user to contact the video uploader, in many cases this is the Listing Agent.

Rule 8.23 says “Media may not be used to advertise or promote an agent, broker or a real estate brokerage or any other individual or entity, except that the Media producing enterprise may have its name, address and logo on or in the Media, so long as the name, address or logo does not include any hyperlinks that lead back to the Listing Subscriber or their Participant or other entities other than the Media producing enterprise.”

There is a trick being spread that when embedding videos, the YouTube branding can be removed, this does not remove the backlink to YouTube or the uploader! We’ve demonstrated that in this animated GIF:


A YouTube video embedded in the MLS.

2. The backlink from the embedded YouTube player contains advertising and related videos to other real estate entities and/or things not related to the property in question. This is also outlined in Rule 8.23, see above.

The problem extends beyond YouTube – Photobucket and other free services will also include a link back to the uploader, the traffic back is part of keeping those services free.

The Top 10 Violations of 2013

Earlier this week we started a buzz with a Tweet we sent out:

The tweet was from research we did for an upcoming SEVRAR Magazine article due out next week. It generated some calls, emails and forum discussions for our Data Integrity department. Therefore, we decided to release the Top 10 Violations of 2013 a little early. Not much has changed since we did this last year. You can read up on each rule on this page:

Rank Violation Name Violation Type
1 Self Reported Non-Penalty
2 Access Codes Found in Wrong Field* Penalty
3 No Exterior Photo of the Front of Dwelling* Penalty
4 Sold/Leased Price Incorrect Penalty
5 Contact Information on a Photo Penalty
6 Contact Info in a Public Field Penalty
7 Incorrect in Closed Status (False Sale) Penalty
8 Open House info in Public Field Penalty
9 Dwelling Type Incorrect Non-Penalty
10 Special Listing Conditions Non-Penalty
* These violations are system detected  by our monitoring compliance software.

What’s New In Realist


Realist just released several improvements related to response time and performance. There are also usability enhancements like, the maximum number of photos available via Realist from 25 to 35. Selecting neighborhoods, subdivisions and scrolling through lists have also been improved, among other things. Read full release notes here.

What People Think I Do

A popular Web meme, also known as a Web trend, explores how different groups of people view what they do for a living, it’s uncleverly called the “What people think I do” meme. From the good to the bad, myths about the real estate profession remain. Below are popular examples of the trend made by real estate agents about themselves. Here’s a link to make your own:



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