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The Top 3 Syndication Myths


Map of the Internet

Whenever the topic of syndication re-enters the real estate trade news, we see an increase in inquires about syndication here at ARMLS. ABoR, the association and MLS serving the Austin, Texas area, will end the option of syndication through ListHub today. So, what a better time than now to answer some common syndication myths:

Myth 1. ARMLS sells data to third parties.
We don’t sell listing data, it’s not ours to sell. Brokers own the listings.

Myth 2. ARMLS secretly sends listings to X website.
Your broker decides where listings go through ListHub, which has 79 options, and a handful of options in flexmls. We have simply put the technology in place. All syndication options must be opted-in. Some MLSs do the opposite, where data is sent unless the broker opts-out.

Myth 3. There is a consensus among Subscribers on where listings should be syndicated.
Decisions on where to syndicate are all over the map. There are some vocal opinions against sending listings to third parties, especially the big portals (ZIllow, Trulia,, yet a majority of listings are sent by brokers to third-parties.

At ARMLS, we believe it isn’t our place to tell a broker where they can or cannot send their listings. Luckily, the decision is at the hands of the brokers who have to make the tough call. The idea of “voting with your feet” applies if a portal won’t play ball or doesn’t fit your needs.

Clean Car Tech

nissanNissan claims to have made the first self-cleaning car. Calling this a self-cleaning car might be far-fetched, it resists getting dirty more than anything. How much do Subscribers spend on getting their cars clean for carting around clients? Guess in the comments.

Keep in Contact

gmail2Not getting any offers? No phone calls? Keep your contact information current in flexmls. It’s not only a good idea, having a valid email address is also a rule (16.2). A valid updated email address is also how the ARMLS Billing department will send your official annual invoice for Subscriber Fees next month.

If you are with any association other than PAR, you may update your email address and phone in flexmls. PAR members should contact PAR to update this information (602-246-1012).

Active Subscribers with no primary email address: 34
Email addresses with possible misspellings ( instead of 25
Active Subscribers with no phone number on file: 1,083 

Under Rule 16.2, email address is required, a phone number is not required.

ARMLS Bare Essentials

Our Bare Essentials guide was just updated and is a handy guide for all Subscribers. We want everyone to take a look at the new document, you might learn something new.

New Subscribers
Being a new Subscriber is tough! That’s why we originally created ARMLS Bare Essentials, a PDF document with only the important stuff you need to know. Inside you’ll find how to get started with flexmls, Rules and other ARMLS essentials.

Seasoned Subscribers
We bring on or replace resources, change rules, add / remove products, create new classes and start new training programs all the time. Our Bare Essentials guide is one of the best ways to stay updated.


Who Invented the Internet? And Why? See in 6 Minutes

Who was the genius who came up with all of that? The internet is such a crucial tool in our daily lives today that we hardly remember that it hasn’t been here forever. But yeah, it is actually not that old. We still have fuzzy memories about the time before the first thing in the morning was to check email and browse our favorite blogs and youtube channels. Well, let’s explore how the internet came into existence and why.

No Photo – An Animated Photo Blog

We’ve all seen this before, the dreaded ‘no photo’ photo:

For many, a listing without photos is crazy! (he’s just sleeping)

Others just skip your listing and keep looking


There is a 4 day grace period, then DI takes action


No Exterior Photo of the Front of the Dwelling
Listing Agents have 4 days to provide a qualified photo or secure written permission from the homeowner indicating otherwise. Check out the rules, right meow.

Workaround #1


Use the send emails using my local email client option (which appears at the top of the email page) to draft and send your email messages. Selecting this option will launch your default email client installed on your computer (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail). This bypasses flexmls and sends directly from your computer. Note: you will not be able to track email views using this tip.

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