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The Top 10 Violations of 2014


With 2014 complete, it’s time for our Top 10 MLS Violations of 2014. In 2014, the Data Integrity department addressed 18,322 violations. See the 2013 and 2012 lists. You can read up on each rule on this page:

Rank Violation Name Violation Type
1 Self Reported Non-Penalty
2 Access Codes Found in Wrong Field* Penalty
3 No Exterior Photo of the Front of Dwelling* Penalty
4 Contact Info in a Photo Penalty
5 Contact Information in a Public Field Penalty
6 Open House /  Showing info in Public Field Penalty
7 Sold/Leased Price Incorrect Penalty
8 Dwelling Type Incorrect Non-Penalty
9  Special Listing Conditions Non-Penalty
10 Incorrect in Closed Status (False Sale) Penalty
* These violations are system detected  by our monitoring compliance software.

Realist Tax System Ending


On the morning of January 14, those who have Realist set as their default tax provider will be switched to Monsoon. Realist users may switch back to Realist temporarily or access Realist from the Taxes menu until January 28, when Realist will be removed permanently. Realist users should consider switching immediately instead of waiting until Realist is unavailable.

To make the switch easier, there are several resources:

How to switch your default tax system

Monsoon Training Classes, Videos and Webinars

Brokers – Tax system office visits are available

UCB Listing Checker Tool


Are you using UCB (Under-Contract Backups) and CCBS (Contract Contingent on Buyer Sale) correctly? We’ve created a tool to help you determine if you should put your listings in Pending, UCB or CCBS. The rule in question is 10.8 in the ARMLS Rules & Regs. Simply answer these four Yes or No questions:

‘Tis Not The Season for Sharing MLS Credentials

flexmls mobile login screen

Being kind is one thing but sharing your MLS login credentials or lockbox key could result in large fines. This is your annual reminder not to share access. Rule 7.2 says:

“Subscribers may not share their access credentials with anyone, whether the other party is another Subscriber or non-Subscriber. Further Subscribers may not share access to the system by allowing anyone else to participate in an online access session using their access credentials, whether or not the actual credentials were disclosed or shared.” Read the full rule for more details here.

Rule 13.3 goes into detail on sharing lockbox keys:

“When a Lockbox key is assigned to a Subscriber or Affiliate, that key is for the Subscriber’s or Affiliate’s own use. A Subscriber or Affiliate is not permitted to allow any other person to use his/her assigned key, nor shall a Subscriber or Affiliate use another Subscriber’s or Affiliate’s key. In addition, the personal identification number that is required to operate the key is not to be disclosed to any other person and is not to be written on the key or written on any paper or document that is stored with or near the key. Furthermore, a Lockbox Key may only be used to the extent of its assigned privilege authorized by the Subscriber’s or Affiliate’s Association.”

In short, don’t share your MLS access or key with your clients, neighbors, the public, other Subscribers or even your spouse / significant other. The fines for sharing your login credentials or lockbox key range from $500 – $15,000. See the Penalty Policy or Subscriber Agreement for fine information.

When do more listings close?

Does it seem like the end of the month is when more listings close? The data supports that claim. We took all closed listings (year-to-date) and looked at which day of the month each listing closed. For example, If the close of escrow date was 11/12/2014 then the day of the month was 12. We compiled those numbers to look for trends on which parts of the month see the most closings:


It wasn’t a surprise that day 30 had the most closings. Day 14 and 15 were also notable days. Looking deeper into the data on which days of the week had the most closings, 32% of listings closed on a Friday where only 15% of closings happened on a Monday.

What’s up with day 31?
There were 6 days in our dataset where day 31 appeared but only 4 were on a weekday.

Great flexmls Feature: Compare Tab

Have you ever wanted to see the average or median sales price of your flexmls search results? What about the DOM or average price change? Quick statistics are easy using the Compare Tab:

Compare Tab
Simply complete a search and click “Compare”. By default, all search results will be compared but you can select results to compare as well using the checkboxes on the left and then selecting “Selected”.


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