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Mini FAQ Facts

mini-faqThere are some questions ARMLS Subscribers have which keep coming up through our blog, and the Helpdesk. We’ve taken some of those questions and tackled them here in this mini-FAQ:

Why can’t I find eSign, Docusign or ZipForm information on
Those are AAR products not provided or supported by ARMLS, visit AAR at: 

Where is the Grid Map / Map Code?
It’s on found here: but you might want to read this post on finding the grid map code in flexmls:

I can’t seem to find IDX information on, where is it?
That page can be found here:

Where is the list of eKey compatible devices / smartphones / phones?
You can find that list here:

Where can I find floor plans?
Floor plans for exisiting homes are best found at, this service is not affiliated with ARMLS and may charge a fee.


panel-barARMLS® ENGAGE!” is a new ARMLS event being held on 10/24 in Phoenix. At this event you’ll be able to interact with some top talent in the real estate space like Michael Orr from the Cromford Report, Tom Ruff from the Information Market and senior management from the Valley’s top home builders. The day is split into two halves, Morning and Afternoon, with a fantastic lunch in the middle.

The event also marks the return of G. William James, a nationally recognized speaker, with two new technology class offerings. See our official ARMLS ENGAGE! page for full details.

9:00 – 11AM (choose one)
• Panel – Mythbusters: The True Real Estate Market
• Class – Time Management, Client Relationships and Mobile Productivity Solutions

Lunch 11:30AM – 12:30PM (yummmmy, vegetarian options provided).

1:00 – 3:00PM (choose one)
• Panel – Buy New, Start Fresh
• Class – Smartphones, Tablets & Tech Tools: What REALTORS® Should Know

Register | Details

Map Master: Dual Maps

Visiting a new listing? Dual Maps is a tool that shows you three different views of an address all at the same time. The Google Street View, Bing Bird’s Eye view and Google Road Map view have been combined, shown in the image below. As you move one map, the other’s update. Here’s a sample using the ARMLS Tempe address:


The image has been scaled, the maps are much bigger in reality.

Check it out for yourself:

Subscriber Technology Quiz Results

pop--quiz-armlsOver 200 Subscribers took part in our Subscriber Technology Quiz. The average score was 65%, but the quiz was tough so buck-up. Some questions were intentionally tricky to measure mastery. Let’s take a look at the questions and answers.

What’s the most current version of the Windows operating system?
Windows 8 was released in October 2012 and is the most recent Windows OS, 75% answered this question correctly. Windows 8.1 is scheduled for release soon, it’s on our radar for compatibility.

Apple just released what version of iOS?
iOS7 is the correct response, 78% knew it. Supra is testing iOS7 eKey compatibility and we’ve had reports from Subscribers that it is working well.

Apple has the iPad, Microsoft has the?
The Surface tablet is Microsoft’s direct attack on the iPad, sadly only 53% could recall that. The ads in this battle are good:

The flexmls URL for ARMLS Subscribers is?
The URL is, 80% nailed it and restored our faith in humanity.

 zipForm is provided by?
It’s AAR, not ARMLS! This wasn’t a problem for our quiz takers as 80% got it right. Calls to our Helpdesk asking for zipForm support are very common but AAR is the best place to get zipForm help: 480-304-8930.

Google has it’s own email service, what is it called?
Gmail was a no-brainer for most as 96% selected wisely.

What’s the maximum length of a Tweet?
140 characters was known by 78%.

IDX is short for?
Internet Data Exchange didn’t get much love as only 58% could decode the right answer. Learn more about IDX here.

Which HTML tag will make text bold?
The <strong> tag makes text bold, 24% knew that. The <b> tag bolds as well but that wasn’t one of the selections as it is a deprecated tag. We tripped up many by offering a <bold> choice, which doesn’t do anything.

Hashtags are supported on which social networks (select all that apply)?
Hashtags work on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but only 25% selected all three, #FAIL.

No, You Can’t Post Another Broker’s Listings Without Permission

Photo by Ben K Adams

Photo by Ben Adams

It’s a hot topic – posting another Broker’s listings without permission outside of IDX. It is an ARMLS rule violation and the Data Integrity department is on the case. But we need your help. When reporting a possible 10.11 rule violation, the Data Integrity department needs the following information:

1. A link to the individual posting. Links like this –, are nearly impossible to investigate as they point to hundreds of listings.

2. The address of the subject property

3. The listing number

What happens after contacting ARMLS?
If the reporting Subscriber isn’t the Listing Agent of the listing in question, the Data Integrity department will reach out to the Listing Agent to ask if permission was given or if they give permission for the posting.

If the listing agent did not give permission or you are the listing agent and didn’t give permission – we will address the report according to the ARMLS Penalty Policy.

But Arizona State Law and ADRE opinion say it’s okay?
ARMLS rules can be more restrictive than the law and only apply to listings filed with ARMLS. Your acceptance of the Subscriber agreement dictates the adoption of the ARMLS Rules & Regulations and other policies.

Subscriber Technology Quiz

How well do you know technology? You may find out that you are a tech genius or that you need to brush up on technology. Your score and the average score will be displayed after you complete the quiz. A leaderboard will also display, but adding your score is optional.

Click the “Start Quiz” button to begin:

Viewing this quiz via RSS or email? Click here.

Google Search Like a Pro

Did you know there are many hidden Google power search features, like the ability to set alerts for search terms that are emailed to you automatically (Google Alerts)? We’ve taken the best hidden features and summarized them below:

The Wildcard
Sometimes when you search, you might be missing information, like the exact name of a business. On Google, an * (asterisk) is a wildcard, meaning Google will know there is a gap in your search term and try to fill it in. Example: “Peter * Pizza Tempe” would yield “Peter Piper Pizza Tempe” and other alternatives. We’ve provided a real estate example in the image below and the results you can expect:


Google Alerts
When you set up a Google Alert, you are emailed when new results show up for your search term(s), many monitor where their listings show up with this tool. There are a few ways to create an alert, but the fastest way is to be logged-in to Google and visit Learn more about Google Alerts here.


Search Sites
You remember a great AZCentral article but your Google search turns up thousands of unrelated results, there is a solution. Instead of searching the entire Internet, you can search on just one website using the “” parameter, now you’re only searching You can also exclude websites by adding a minus sign in front, “”, now the search contains all websites but NOT


Give these tips a try and comment if you have a tip you would like to share.

Fry’s and LOH Team Up

Lost Our Home Pet Foundation (LOH), a REALTOR® run organization that rescues animals left in vacant homes, has teamed up with Fry’s. LOH posted this press release on their Facebook page:


Facebook post not showing? Click here to read the press release.

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