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Monsoon Definitions

GSE? Reverted? Bulk? In the Monsoon Tax system, there are several categories of transactions and other terms you may not know. Here is a short list of definitions:

Monsoon-Blog3rd Party
Successful Trustee’s Sale purchase.

Multiple property sale, properties may be scattered across the Valley with a single transaction recorded, usually between investors.

FCV, Full Cash Value is calculated by the County Assessor, and is what they consider to be the value of the home. FCVR is the ratio between the FCV and the last Sold Price. A FCVR of 1.0 would mean that the property’s sales price and FCV were the same.

Property purchased by an investor then resold within 180 days.

Sale by Government-Sponsored Enterprise (Fannie-Mae, FHL, etc.).

Prelim vs. Final Tax Assessment
The Prelim Tax Assessment is the County Assessor’s estimate of the total tax bill for that year. The Final Tax Assessment is the actual amount of taxes billed for that property.

Failed Trustee’s sale, property reverts to beneficiary (mortgage holder).

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Do You Know These Acronyms & Abbreviations? | Quiz

Think you are a real estate acronym & abbreviation hotshot? See how you rank in our Acronyms & Abbreviations Quiz below. After that, check out our Subscriber Technology and Real Estate Designation quizzes.

How many of these ARMLS related acronyms do you know?

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Don’t 99 Yourself

There are 457 residential listings, listed by 392 Subscribers who may be losing buyer traffic because of the “99” pricing gimmick.

price-rangeOnline buyers most often search in zeros, on many sites they have no choice. If a Buyer is looking for a home priced $100,000 to $110,000, your $99,999 listing isn’t going to show up. Missed by $1. If the same listing was priced at $100,000 it would likely show up in more searches – here’s how:

Take the following two scenarios into consideration:

Buyer #1 does a home search, selects $100,000 to $110,000
Buyer #2 does a home search, selects $75,000 to $100,000

If your listing was priced at $99,999, only Buyer #2 would see your listing.
If your listing was priced at $100,000, Buyer #1 and Buyer #2 would see your listing.

Google Chrome Pro Tips

The Chrome browser has many little-known features that might help you work faster or smarter. We’ve compiled some of the best below:

Side note: Who uses Chrome? The Chrome browser has been nipping at the heels of Internet Explorer as the most popular web browser with Subscribers, but did you know Google Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser?

1. Save a Web page as a PDF without a plug-in
To save the webpage you’re viewing in Chrome as a PDF, press Ctrl+P (Mac: ⌘-P). You’ll be able to preview the page and adjust the basic page settings. Then, under “Destination”, click “Change” and choose “Save as PDF” under “Local Destinations” to convert the page into a PDF file.

2. Use keyboard shortcuts
Ctrl + T – opens a new tab
Alt + click on a link – downloads the linked item
Home – takes you to the top of a Web page
End – takes you to the bottom of a Web page

3. Turn on experimental Chrome features
Type  “About:Flags” without quotes into the Chrome address bar and press Enter to turn on experimental Chrome browsing features (at your own risk).


New Monsoon Features

Since the May 7 beta launch, many Monsoon features have been added (and many more are coming). Basic export, better sorting and the ability to cancel long searches are among features in the latest release. Here are the full release notes:



MLS Subscriber Fees – What $270 Buys

Subscriber fees are open for payment. Fees are billed annually, but some think of them in a “per month” basis like other bills. How do Subscriber fees compare against your other bills? How much service would $270 get you elsewhere?

$270 divided by: Cox Preferred, $70.56 per month ($62.99, modem rental & tax $7.57) = 3.82 months

$270 divided by $70.56 for Cox Preferred ($62.99 per month, modem rental & tax $7.57) = 3.82 months

$270 divided by: XTRA package, $85 per month ($73.99, tax $11.01) = 3.17 months

$270 divided by $85 for XTRA package ($73.99 per month, tax $11.01) = 3.17 months

$270 divided by: Car Insurence, $98 per month (based on Forbes research of Arizona drivers) = 2.75 months

$270 divided by $98 for car insurence ($98 per month based on Forbes research of Arizona drivers) = 2.75 months

What Others Pay
ARMLS has some of the lowest MLS fees in the country. Typical MLS fees in other areas range from $35 – $50 a month, where ARMLS fees are $22.50 per month, billed annually.

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