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The Top 10 Violations of 2013

Earlier this week we started a buzz with a Tweet we sent out:

The tweet was from research we did for an upcoming SEVRAR Magazine article due out next week. It generated some calls, emails and forum discussions for our Data Integrity department. Therefore, we decided to release the Top 10 Violations of 2013 a little early. Not much has changed since we did this last year. You can read up on each rule on this page:

Rank Violation Name Violation Type
1 Self Reported Non-Penalty
2 Access Codes Found in Wrong Field* Penalty
3 No Exterior Photo of the Front of Dwelling* Penalty
4 Sold/Leased Price Incorrect Penalty
5 Contact Information on a Photo Penalty
6 Contact Info in a Public Field Penalty
7 Incorrect in Closed Status (False Sale) Penalty
8 Open House info in Public Field Penalty
9 Dwelling Type Incorrect Non-Penalty
10 Special Listing Conditions Non-Penalty
* These violations are system detected  by our monitoring compliance software.

What’s New In Realist


Realist just released several improvements related to response time and performance. There are also usability enhancements like, the maximum number of photos available via Realist from 25 to 35. Selecting neighborhoods, subdivisions and scrolling through lists have also been improved, among other things. Read full release notes here.

What People Think I Do

A popular Web meme, also known as a Web trend, explores how different groups of people view what they do for a living, it’s uncleverly called the “What people think I do” meme. From the good to the bad, myths about the real estate profession remain. Below are popular examples of the trend made by real estate agents about themselves. Here’s a link to make your own:



Blur Photos Quickly

In our recent blog post, Blurred Signs – A Photo Blog, we explained that Subscribers can’t post photos with contact information. One of the fastest ways to correct a photo with contact information is to simply blur the sign. You don’t need to run out and buy a copy of Photoshop, there is a free online photo editor call Pixlr Editor that can do the job. Here are the steps:

1. Visit
2. Select Open Image From Computer
3. Browse to where the photo is stored on your computer and click Open
4. With the image open, click the marquee tool, it looks like this: marquee-tool
5. Click, hold and drag on the photo to select the information you want to blur – release your mouse
6. Go to Filter > Gaussian Blur
7. Drag the slider to the right until the contact information in the photo is completely obscured.
8. To Save, click File > Save.


Agents: Drive Smart, Save Money

ARMLS Subscribers spend a lot of time driving. We even had a class once (pre-smartphone technology) at Technopalooza that taught Subscribers how to turn a van into a full-fledged mobile office. Driving is the nature of the business and now there is a gadget and app to save you money. Introducing Automatic:

Automatic ($99) plugs into your automobile, communicates with your smartphone and tells you how your driving behavior and route impacts your gas mileage. Are you stepping on the gas too hard, you’ll now know. There are various other features and benefits, it’s a cool gadget.

I Can’t Believe ARMLS Gives A Feed to (blank) Website!


We don’t give third parties a display feed of all ARMLS listings. They receive limited feeds from brokers who have chosen to send their listings to that specific third party. The way listings appear, even through IDX, is by broker permission via flexmls or Listhub. In some cases agents also have the ability to give permission if given the option by their broker. We simply provide the options for brokers to syndicate their listings.

The non-unified nature of the MLS industry means that each market has different syndication policies. Some MLSs do not use the broker permission syndication model and provide direct feeds to third parties.

The Rise of MLS Rentals

Year 2013 had the most residential rentals closed through the MLS ever. Over 43,000 rentals closed, up 13.6% from 2012. There are typically half as many closed rentals per month as closed residential sales – this number is call the RCQ and can be found in RENT Check each month. Right now the percentage of closed sales to closed rentals is 49%. Note: RENT Check and the chart below do not include vacation rentals.


The MLS as a place to market rentals has grown every year organically but also due to the housing bubble collapse where investors lined up to rent to those who lost their homes in foreclosure.

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