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MLS Subscriber Fees – What $270 Buys

Subscriber fees are open for payment. Fees are billed annually, but some think of them in a “per month” basis like other bills. How do Subscriber fees compare against your other bills? How much service would $270 get you elsewhere?

$270 divided by: Cox Preferred, $70.56 per month ($62.99, modem rental & tax $7.57) = 3.82 months

$270 divided by $70.56 for Cox Preferred ($62.99 per month, modem rental & tax $7.57) = 3.82 months

$270 divided by: XTRA package, $85 per month ($73.99, tax $11.01) = 3.17 months

$270 divided by $85 for XTRA package ($73.99 per month, tax $11.01) = 3.17 months

$270 divided by: Car Insurence, $98 per month (based on Forbes research of Arizona drivers) = 2.75 months

$270 divided by $98 for car insurence ($98 per month based on Forbes research of Arizona drivers) = 2.75 months

What Others Pay
ARMLS has some of the lowest MLS fees in the country. Typical MLS fees in other areas range from $35 – $50 a month, where ARMLS fees are $22.50 per month, billed annually.

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2014 Subscriber Fees

credit-cardSubscriber fees are now open for payment.
Simply go to, log-in with your MLS credentials and fill-in your credit card information. You will receive an email confirmation after you submit payment.

Payment is due by June 30 to cover the period of July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015. Access to flexmls and use of the lockbox system will be suspended if payment is not received by ARMLS® before close of business (6 p.m.) on July 7, 2014 and a $15 reinstatement fee will be added to all delinquent accounts.

Pay your Subscriber fees now –

Important Notes:
• Please note there are no refunds of subscriber fees
• Please do not bring or mail payments to the ARMLS office or support centers
• If you owe fines or other fees, you may be asked to pay them while paying your Subscriber Fees

Thank you for your continued support and subscription to ARMLS for the coming year.

Monsoon Season is Here


It’s not the monsoon season you already know but Monsoon, a new tax system choice for ARMLS Subscribers from The Information Market. Today it officially launched. Brokers were given a sneak preview a couple months ago but now the system is ready for all Subscribers. Monsoon information can be found here and training info here. Monsoon can be accessed in any of these 3 ways: with your flexmls username and password

• The Taxes tab in flexmls from the main navigation bar

As you default tax provider in flexmls – see instructions here

Migration is not Just for Snowbirds

move-nextGallup recently released a study on which states people want to leave the most.

Buyer’s agents
Nevada, Illinois and Maryland have the highest percentage of people who claim they are highly likely to move out-of-state in the next 12 months. These states might warrant some investigation If you’re trying to decide where to spend your out-of-state marketing dollars.

Seller’s agents
Arizona ranks third on the list of states where the highest percentage of people claim they are highly likely to move out-of-state. The study suggests that the biggest factor residents give for planning to move, is for work or business reasons.


The Top 3 Syndication Myths


Map of the Internet

Whenever the topic of syndication re-enters the real estate trade news, we see an increase in inquires about syndication here at ARMLS. ABoR, the association and MLS serving the Austin, Texas area, will end the option of syndication through ListHub today. So, what a better time than now to answer some common syndication myths:

Myth 1. ARMLS sells data to third parties.
We don’t sell listing data, it’s not ours to sell. Brokers own the listings.

Myth 2. ARMLS secretly sends listings to X website.
Your broker decides where listings go through ListHub, which has 79 options, and a handful of options in flexmls. We have simply put the technology in place. All syndication options must be opted-in. Some MLSs do the opposite, where data is sent unless the broker opts-out.

Myth 3. There is a consensus among Subscribers on where listings should be syndicated.
Decisions on where to syndicate are all over the map. There are some vocal opinions against sending listings to third parties, especially the big portals (ZIllow, Trulia,, yet a majority of listings are sent by brokers to third-parties.

At ARMLS, we believe it isn’t our place to tell a broker where they can or cannot send their listings. Luckily, the decision is at the hands of the brokers who have to make the tough call. The idea of “voting with your feet” applies if a portal won’t play ball or doesn’t fit your needs.

Clean Car Tech

nissanNissan claims to have made the first self-cleaning car. Calling this a self-cleaning car might be far-fetched, it resists getting dirty more than anything. How much do Subscribers spend on getting their cars clean for carting around clients? Guess in the comments.

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