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Extreme Learning For New Subscribers

Our new class is extreme.

Our new class is extreme.

ARMLS Fast Track Extreme is 12 hours of learning packed in a 2 hour class. It’s for new Subscribers who are computer savvy. The class is designed to get Subscribers going in less time. Attendees should know their flexmls credentials prior to the start of class and arrive on-time.

Are You Extreme Enough?
If you feel comfortable on the Internet and prefer a fast paced environment – this class is for you. Does this sound like someone you know? Share this new class via email or see when & where this class is offered.

ARMLS Customer Satisfaction Survey Invitation

This morning the WAV Group, an industry consulting firm, sent an invitation to all ARMLS Subscribers for our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey. Ongoing improvement is an ARMLS Core Value and we look forward to learning what we do well and what we need to do better. But, we need your help! Please take a moment to search your email for the following message and complete the survey.

ARMLS Customer Satisfaction Survey Invitation

Each survey link is unique to the Subscriber it was sent to, so please refrain from sharing your invitation. The graphic above is not clickable for this reason.

MLS: Worldwide

Searching the Shiran MLS

Searching the Shiran MLS

In the United States there are hundreds of MLSs, a vast fragmented landscape. How does the rest of the world list property for sale online? Today, we’re taking you on a grande tour:

Canada (National) – CREA is Canada’s national MLS, yes national. They have more than 100,000 members over 100+ boards. Unlike in the U.S., the term “MLS” is a trademark in Canada as it pertains to real estate. CREA doesn’t have one MLS platform but many which vary by member board. For example, in Quebec they use the Centris platform.

Philippines (National) - RPMLX operated by the Philippine Association of Real Estate Boards (PAREB) has 61-member boards but just 3,600 members – that’s a mere 59 members per board. RPMLX uses it’s own homegrown MLS system and a platform called “MLS2005″. Founded in 1953.

Czech Republic (National coverage, international reach) - IMMO2 is a non-board/non-REALTOR® homegrown MLS system from the Czech Republic, though they are not limited by geography. Interestingly, they have online registration and membership terms of 3, 6 & 12 months with Basic and Standard level options.

Costa Rica (National) - CCCBR is operated by the Costa Rica Chamber of Real Estate Realtor Board and is the system authorized by the Costa Rican government. Founded in 1974.

Israel (regional) – Shiran is the Israeli Multiple Listing Service serving Jerusalem and surrounding areas. Interestingly, they have embraced public agency and agent ratings/rankings. Founded in 1990.

Sliding Into The Winter Slowdown: Poll

‘Tis the season for a slow down as preliminary stats from November show a drop of 14% in month-over-month residential sales. The finalized numbers will be published in STAT on 12/9, but we expect it to hold. The Rental market on the other hand is very steady only dropping 0.4% month-over-month, that’s a mere 14 closed rentals difference total. Many Subscribers take the opportunity to tell buyers that the winter is a great time to buy because of less competition and typically more inventory.

Why do things slow down in the winter?

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ARMLS & iMapp Sign Renewal

TEMPE, Ariz. (Nov. 22, 2013) — ARMLS and iMapp sign multiple-year renewal agreement

handshakeARMLS is pleased to announce that a multiple-year renewal of the iMapp tax system was completed by both parties today. This mutually beneficial agreement keeps iMapp a core Subscriber benefit.

Furthermore, ARMLS Subscribers will continue to access iMapp as they do today – from the Tax tab in flexmls® Web or by setting iMapp as their default tax system in the General Preferences section of flexmls. ARMLS would like to thank iMapp and the volunteers, board members and Subscribers who worked toward this outcome.

Blurred Signs – A Photo Blog

Subscribers often ask about “For Sale” signs uploaded to the MLS, signs can be in the MLS but cannot contain contact information.

Rule (8.23) states,”A ‘for sale’ sign located on the property may appear in an image of the exterior of the home or property so long as the sign does not convey any specific contact information or company identification.

We created some examples below for a fake Subscriber, James Holland, who works at Zeppelin Realty LLC, a fake company. Zeppelin is known for their distinctive airship logo signs.

Not Okay – This photo has a telephone number, name, company name, and company branding.

Still Not Okay – The company name and distinctive company branding are still showing.

Great! Success - There is no contact information visible or company branding. We can’t tell which company holds the listing.

Note: Photos are judged at all sizes, If we can blow-up/enlarge the photo and still see contact information – a violation notice will still be sent.

Photo Manipulation, Draw A Line


Click the image to make it bigger

Something isn’t right here! Can you spot what’s wrong in this front exterior photo? Is the photo acceptable to you, did they cross the line? Comment below if you’ve figured it out. If you’re stumped, click here for a video hint. We’ve explored a similar theme in a recent post called: Is the Grass Greener? Still don’t have it? It’s raining but the real estate agent has photoshopped out the sky and replaced it with a clear blue sky background. The rain pouring off the house remains.

It is often hard to know what the line is between beneficial editing and too much manipulation. For some it may mirror a quote by United States Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart when he was asked to define obscenity, he said “I know it when I see it…How do you define too much photo manipulation?

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