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How can I find the CBS Code for my Lockbox?

Lockbox on door with CBS CodeTo find the CBS Code of a Supra lockbox you own, follow one of the two methods below. If you are not the owner of the lockbox and are trying to enter a listing, please contact the listing agent for the CBS Code.

1. Visit the SupraWEB website. You will need the serial number of the lockbox and shackle code. A SupraWeb account is required and you can sign-up for a free account here.

2. Call ARMLS at 480-303-7249, we will verify your identity and provide the CBS code to you.

Help Improve flexmls Mobile


If you haven’t seen the new flexmls Mobile, which launched on August 20, check it out, then take the flexmls Mobile survey. It’s your chance to give direct feedback to the vendor. You’ll find that the new flexmls Mobile is greatly improved from the old mobile website. The flexmls iPhone app user experience is very similar to the mobile website but with the added advantages of a native app. Android native app coming soon. So, take a moment to check out flexmls Mobile and give your feedback by taking the flexmls Mobile survey.

You’ll be asked important questions like:
Which feature(s) do you use most?
Which search features need the most improvement?

flexmls Mobile website
flexmls iPhone App (Android app coming soon)
flexmls Mobile Survey

Blurred Signs – A Photo Blog

Subscribers often ask about “For Sale” signs uploaded to the MLS, signs can be in the MLS but cannot contain contact information. See how to blur photos here.

Rule (8.23) states,”A ‘for sale’ sign located on the property may appear in an image of the exterior of the home or property so long as the sign does not convey any specific contact information or company identification.

We created some examples below for a fake Subscriber, James Holland, who works at Zeppelin Realty LLC, a fake company. Zeppelin is known for their distinctive airship logo signs.

Not Okay – This photo has a telephone number, name, company name, and company branding.

Still Not Okay – The company name and distinctive company branding are still showing.

Great! Success – There is no contact information visible or company branding. We can’t tell which company holds the listing.

Note: Photos are judged at all sizes, If we can blow-up/enlarge the photo and still see contact information – a violation notice will still be sent.

Access & Gate Codes


Property Access fields in flexmls

Did you know access and gate code information is only allowed in the Property Access fields, regardless of listings status? Even closed and off-market listings are subject to this rule found in the Inappropriate Language Policy.

The property access fields are purged when listings go off market (closed, expired or cancelled), but the remarks fields are never purged, possibly leaving codes in the MLS. Access information shouldn’t remain in the MLS after there is no longer a reason for others to access the property, this is for security reasons and the protection of our Subscribers and their clients. To ensure codes are purged, they must be placed in the proper Property Access fields.

New Header on Select Printouts

You may notice that when printing certain listing reports, a new header has been placed at the top. This new header should not create more pages when printing due to the way it was implemented. The header cannot be deselected like the old header. The new header, along with better page breaks, helps keep pages organized.

The Listing Detail Report (often called the plano) will not have this new header. The header on the first page will look similar to the one below, on each additional page the header has a simpler design.



How to Update Contact Info in flexmls

PAR Members:
If you are a member of the Phoenix Association of REALTORS®, your contact info (phone, email, address, etc.) must be updated by the association. Call PAR at 602-246-1012.

Everyone else:
Your physical address should be updated through your association but email addresses, phone numbers and other information can be updated in flexmls under Preferences > My Profile.

blog image


How to Change a Listing from Pending to UCB

First, the seller must have directed you to continue to market the property via written permission. See our UCB checker tool for guidance. Next, a listing must be placed in Active status first to be able to select the UCB sub-status. Sub-status? UCB is not a standalone status, it is a sub-status found under Active. On the Change Residential Listing screen, select Back on Market (Active):


Then select Add/Remove UCB:


Lastly, complete the Add UCB screen:



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