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New Header on Select Printouts

You may notice that when printing certain listing reports, a new header has been placed at the top. This new header should not create more pages when printing due to the way it was implemented. The header cannot be deselected like the old header. The new header, along with better page breaks, helps keep pages organized.

The Listing Detail Report (often called the plano) will not have this new header. The header on the first page will look similar to the one below, on each additional page the header has a simpler design.



How to Update Contact Info in flexmls

PAR Members:
If you are a member of the Phoenix Association of REALTORS®, your contact info (phone, email, address, etc.) must be updated by the association. Call PAR at 602-246-1012.

Everyone else:
Your physical address should be updated through your association but email addresses, phone numbers and other information can be updated in flexmls under Preferences > My Profile.

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How to Change a Listing from Pending to UCB

First, the seller must have directed you to continue to market the property via written permission. See our UCB checker tool for guidance. Next, a listing must be placed in Active status first to be able to select the UCB sub-status. Sub-status? UCB is not a standalone status, it is a sub-status found under Active. On the Change Residential Listing screen, select Back on Market (Active):


Then select Add/Remove UCB:


Lastly, complete the Add UCB screen:



What are flexmls Banners?

When a listing: is new, has a price change, comes back on market or another factor – it is noted in flexmls search results. These events can also trigger the listing to be included in auto emails. These events are often displayed as banners and they last for 72 hours or until another change occurs resetting the clock and displaying the latest change. If you’re going to apply multiple changes to a listing, it is wise to consider the order in which you execute the changes as the last thing you do with determine the banner.

Common banner triggers:
New Listing
Price Reduced
Price Change
Status Change
Back on Market

How to Remove a Lockbox Shackle

Did you know the shackle can be completely detached in the field to accommodate unusual door knobs? It’s easy and works for both ActiveKey and eKey. Here’s how:


1. With the ActiveKey or eKey, release the shackle.

2. With the shackle released, start the shackle release  process a second time.

2. With the shackle released, start the shackle release process a second time.

3. When the shackle is being released the second time, apply upward pressure to remove the shackle entirely.

3. When the shackle is being released, apply upward pressure to remove the shackle entirely.

Are You Using The Default Map in flexmls?

There might be a time saving tip you’re not using – the default map. Begin a map search in your neck-of-the-woods. Instead of starting out with the full map of the Valley in a map search, a default map starts you out in a section of your choice. Most Subscribers work a territory, making the default map a great time-saver when starting searches in your area. This setting can be found in Preferences > Default Map.


After (setting the default map to north Mesa or anywhere you like):

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