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Changes to Documents in Flexmls


Due to the changing landscape of listing documents (the HOA addendum for example), new documents in Flexmls are now Private by default when uploaded for ARMLS Subscribers. While Subscribers always had the ability to toggle this setting, we believe making this change offers a better user experience for our Subscribers.

Additionally, a document description selector was added to aid Subscribers in choosing the correct document visibility setting. Subscribers still have the ability to change the visibility setting and description as needed. This change does not affect previously uploaded documents.


Before posting a document as Public, check out the ARMLS Rules & Regulations and Inappropriate Language Policy to check what can be displayed publicly.

3/30/2015 – Zillow Now a Syndication Option in Flexmls

Early last week (3/30/2015) we sent an email blast to all ARMLS Subscribers announcing an agreement to facilitate syndication to Zillow through Flexmls. It’s an opt-in agreement, where no listings are sent unless the broker opts-in. As a courtesy, that message has been posted here for reference:

Zillow Now a Syndication Option in Flexmls
Starting today, brokers now have Zillow as a choice for syndication through Flexmls. ARMLS has signed a facilitator agreement to enable this option in Flexmls.

Listings are only sent to Zillow if your broker has opted-in. Brokers who have opted-in may enable their agents to opt-out on a per listing basis.

Points to Remember:

More reading: The Top 3 Syndication Myths

Introducing KEYshirt

(Yes, this was an April Fool’s joke) We’ve recently announced the next generation of lockboxes which will hit the ARMLS market in Q4 2015. Today we are pleased to announce the next generation of lockbox key. KEYshirt connects to your smartphone using iBeacon technology, eliminating the need to take your phone out of your pocket. The key container will release when you are within 3 feet of the lockbox. Price: TBD


This is an optional upgrade for the eKey service. Currently, KEYshirt can only release the key container. KEYshirt will launch with several styles and real estate related slogans which conceal the fact that your shirt is a key:



Rotate Photos in Flexmls

Sideways. That’s one way to describe some photos in Flexmls. There is an easy fix if a photo appears sideways on your listing, use the rotation icons in the photo editor. Follow the steps below:

1. On the Change Listing screen click Photos

2. Click the rotate icons on the desired photo until the photo is in the correct orientation:

Tell on Yourself


Yes, we’re talking to you and you’re much cooler than these stock photo people.

Data, Data, Data; it’s a core value at ARMLS®. In that spirit, there is a loophole to avoid penalties when you’ve made an error on your listing(s). Simply, tell on yourself. If you let us know about a listing data error before a violation notice is sent out, we will guide or help you correct the listing data error without assessing a penalty*. You can self-report yourself by email, phone and “Report an Error” button. Why? Because quality data is most important.

* The issuing of monetary fines has been temporarily suspended while we educate Subscribers on the new penalty policy.

Bluetooth Lockboxes

Some MLSs around the United States have started the process of migrating to Bluetooth enabled next generation Supra lockboxes. These new lockboxes won’t require a FOB for most smartphones, among other new benefits. ARMLS will start a 1-for-1 lockbox exchange process in late 2015. It’s too early for details or to answer questions, but we’ll have detailed communication out in the next few months.

While you’re here, who remembers these?


Rules Week Quiz

Rules Quiz2

Below you’ll find 9 questions regarding the Rules & Regulation and Inappropriate Language Policy. A perfect score will demonstrate your knowledge of the rules.

How well do you know the ARMLS Rules & Regulations?

Like this quiz? Click here to take our Photo Violation Quiz.

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