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RPR Mobile for iOS & Android


Many Subscribers have taken advantage of the RPR product from NAR. A few months ago, the offering got even better with the release of their cutting edge mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones/phablets/tablets called RPR Mobile. is where you’ll find all the details but here’s some summarized features below from NAR:

RPR gathers all available data on a property and organizes it for your benefit. Add your local market knowledge and you’re set.

From MLS and public records to mortgage history and school attendance zones, RPR has the data your clients want.

Add your own notes and photos to any property. They’re private to you, but you can easily include them in your reports.

Customizable reports for any property are available from your smartphone. Send reports directly to your clients, with your branding, with almost no effort.

Check it out RPR Mobile here.

Mobile Torque is an ARMLS® blog post series dedicated to advancing mobile and educating Subscribers on mobile and mobile MLS access.

Subdivision vs. Subdivision Name

There are two Subdivision fields in Monsoon. Learning them both can be very helpful:

Garden-Ex1Subdivision is a default field in the Tax Search. It is a auto-complete box where you type at least three letters and select a choice. You can only make pre-determined selections but you select multiple Subdivisions.

Subdivision Name can be added using the Add/Modify link on a Tax Search. It is a text search box where you can type the subdivision name. This field also takes a wildcard symbol, * (an asterisk). Think of it like Google, where the Subdivision pulled must match what you entered but can match in different ways. For example, if you wanted to search Garden Lakes but wanted to make sure Garden Lake was also included in your results:


Using the wildcard gives you 15 results in our date range, 14 results without the wildcard.

Data Integrity Form & Notices Changes

Tell a friend, there are some new changes happening with the Data Integrity report form and notices:

New Form
If you’ve reported an error today, you’ll notice the form now opens in a new window and has a different appearance as we’ve upgraded our systems. The Monsoon tax system also now has a form to report data errors as well.

New Emails
The appearance, subject lines and email address used to send data integrity notices will soon also be changing. Subscribers will benefit from emails that are mobile optimized and easier to understand. The new email address to white-list is: A sample of the new courtesy notice design is below:


These new changes will ensure a better user experience for our Subscribers and better data.

Exterior Stories & Interior Levels

Two required fields often give Subscribers trouble, Exterior Stories & Interior Levels:


Exterior Stories = 6
The Exterior Stories field under General Property Description should include the entire building the unit resides.

Interior Levels = 2
the Interior Levels field reflects the number of stories of the unit itself, not of all units.

Find The Map Code Grid Faster

The Map Code/Grid field is required when entering a listing in flexmls. Many use the ARMLS Grid Map Foldout on but there is a quicker way to look up the Map Code/Grid.

From a Map Search – use the Locate Pin, type the address and then click Locate. Select “Use This Location” from the white map bubble.

In the Overlays menu in the top right of the screen, select Map Grid. You will then need to zoom out to see the map grid boundaries. The red letter/number combination is the Map Code Grid needed in flexmls. See the image below.

The Top 10 Violations of 2014


With 2014 complete, it’s time for our Top 10 MLS Violations of 2014. In 2014, the Data Integrity department addressed 18,322 violations. See the 2013 and 2012 lists. You can read up on each rule on this page:

Rank Violation Name Violation Type
1 Self Reported Non-Penalty
2 Access Codes Found in Wrong Field* Penalty
3 No Exterior Photo of the Front of Dwelling* Penalty
4 Contact Info in a Photo Penalty
5 Contact Information in a Public Field Penalty
6 Open House /  Showing info in Public Field Penalty
7 Sold/Leased Price Incorrect Penalty
8 Dwelling Type Incorrect Non-Penalty
9  Special Listing Conditions Non-Penalty
10 Incorrect in Closed Status (False Sale) Penalty
* These violations are system detected  by our monitoring compliance software.

Realist Tax System Ending


On the morning of January 14, those who have Realist set as their default tax provider will be switched to Monsoon. Realist users may switch back to Realist temporarily or access Realist from the Taxes menu until January 28, when Realist will be removed permanently. Realist users should consider switching immediately instead of waiting until Realist is unavailable.

To make the switch easier, there are several resources:

How to switch your default tax system

Monsoon Training Classes, Videos and Webinars

Brokers – Tax system office visits are available

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