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Fines Now Being Issued

Starting today (July 9), fines are now being issued for all penalty violations. For the past several months, fines for non-lockbox penalty violations were not being issued while we educated Subscribers. We sent an email to all Subscribers today but here are a few extra points:

“The rules haven’t changed, the penalty policy is what changed.”

That mantra can be heard through the halls of ARMLS. It’s true, the rules didn’t change, the way we issue violations has. There are now automatic fines. The first penalty violation, excluding lockbox violations, you receive each year will not have a fine attached. You get one freebie each calendar year.

“All non-lockbox penalties will be assessed at 50% of the listed amounts.”

To better prepare Subscribers for enforcement, from July 9, 2015 through December 31, 2015, all non-lockbox penalties will be assessed at 50% of the listed amounts. This phased approach will help Subscribers understand the new policy.

No MLS Access? Restore Your MLS Service

To restore MLS service after being shut-off for non-payment of MLS fees, please make a payment at Use your Flexmls user id and password to log in. If you have trouble logging in, click this link. Once a payment has been made, service will be restored in 30 minutes but may take up to 2 hours if there is high traffic volumes.

If you are having trouble with the payment screen or if processing fails, please call our Billing department at: 480-303-7248 or email them at: (Do not send your credit card number via email).

Don’t know if you were shut-off for non-payment?
To check, log in to, if you have a balance on your account, make a payment to restore service. If you have no balance, please call 480-303-7020. A $15 reinstatement fee has been added to all delinquent accounts.

Monsoon® Tax System Coming to Prescott Area Association of REALTORS® (PAAR) Members Soon


We are pleased to announce that the Prescott Area Association of REALTORS® (PAAR) will soon add the Monsoon tax system as a member benefit. ARMLS Subscribers have been using Monsoon, a local Arizona grown tax system, since April 2014. The partnership to provide Monsoon to PAAR members was made possible in-part because Monsoon has statewide tax data coverage.

Starting July 1, ARMLS Subscribers will see PAAR listings and vice-versa in Monsoon but not in Flexmls. Sensitive information, like commissions and showing instructions will not be shared between MLSs. Please note there is no offer of compensation across MLSs.

What happens if I am a PAAR and ARMLS member?
You will continue to have two MLS log-ins to use Monsoon. While you will be able to see most data in Monsoon with either log-in credential, to see sensitive fields (like commissions or showing instructions) you will need to be logged-in to that particular MLS.

Penalty Policy Enforcement to Start

Starting July 9, fines will be issued for penalty violations. For the past several months, fines for non-lockbox penalty violations were not being issued while we educated Subscribers.

To better prepare Subscribers for enforcement, from July 9, 2015 until January 1, 2016, all non-lockbox penalties will be assessed at 50% of the listed amounts. This phased approach will help Subscribers understand the new policy.

Additionally, the fine for Contact Information in Media (8.23) was changed from a $500 fine to a $200 fine.

Read The Penalty Policy Here

Posting IDX Listings to Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)


Generally, advertising the listings of others without their permission on social media is against ARMLS Rules (10.11), but there are provisions in the IDX Policy which makes these limited displays acceptable if you follow the guidelines we’ve established below.

To advertise an IDX participating listing on social media without prior permission, you must do the following – all criteria must be met:

1. The listing you promote must be participating in the IDX program at the time of posting and at all times.

2. The post must link to a live full IDX display page, specific to that property, which complies with the ARMLS IDX Policy.

3. The post (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) must be less than 200 characters in length, excluding any link previews (that automatically generate) and the IDX URL.

4. Only 6 or less fields may be displayed (we consider address to be one field) in the post.

5. The social media post must be updated at least every 12 hours and display when the data was last updated, or if it can’t be updated then removed (Tweets for example). All data must be verified to still be accurate.

This post is not in compliance:


This post is in compliance:


Keep in mind advertising your own listings or having written permission to advertise someone else’s listings is different and doesn’t need to follow the guidelines above. These guidelines only apply to limited displays like those used in social media. whereas print and other displays have other rules.

Lockbox Exchange Coming This Year


In March we announced that later in 2015 we will switch out the current Supra blue lockboxes with Bluetooth enabled next generation Supra lockboxes. While we don’t have full details to share yet (we will email all Subscribers full info when the plan is finalized), Here are some details we can share:

  • • The new lockboxes will be the iBox BT LE model, which is different from the iBox BT some other MLSs in the state are using
  • • Using the iBox BT LE model means that most smartphones won’t need a fob (see list)
  • • The iBox BT LE model will still work with the ActiveKEY
  • • The exchange is planned for September 2015, exact dates TBD
  • • The exchange will be one-for-one (an old box for a new box) at no cost to Subscribers
  • • You must be an Active Subscriber and the owner of the box, as listed on SupraWEB, to exchange the box
  • • The exchange will happen at exchange centers at various convention centers around the Valley
  • • Subscribers will need to visit one of the exchange centers, not a Support Center, to exchange boxes as the Support Centers will not be able to process exchanges
  • • Prior to the exchange, ARMLS will stop selling the current iBox and only sell the iBox BT LE
  • • Subscribers will not be able to exchange lockboxes until the exchange begins and they must do that at a exchange location
  • • If you have more than 100 lockboxes, ARMLS will contact you prior to the exchange with alternative instructions
  • • ARMLS will email all Subscribers full details well ahead of the exchange (most likely in July)

Online Rules Class & Rules Videos

Ahead of enforcement of the new ARMLS Penalty Policy, we’ve created a recorded Rules Class video and two shorter videos to help Subscribers understand the Rules / Penalty Policy. The Rules Class video incorporates the Top 5 Violations video. The videos below are best watched at full screen, which can be turned on by clicking the full screen the icons after clicking play.

Recorded Rules Class (14:39)

Top 5 ARMLS Violations (4:54)

What & What – Find the ARMLS Rules (3:48)

Chrome & The Maricopa County Assessor’s Parcel Map Viewer


If you’ve tried to use the Maricopa County Assessor’s Parcel Map Viewer in Google Chrome, you’ll now see the error above. The message is true but what it doesn’t say is that Chrome has a built-in work-around that should work until September 2015.

The Workaround

Disclaimer: Try this tip at your own risk! Since this tip modifies advanced settings in Chrome not related to the MLS, our Helpdesk is unable to assist you with this tip.

Step 1:
In Chrome, paste this line into the address bar and hit enter: chrome://flags/#enable-npapi

Step 2: Click Enable under Enable NPAPI:


After you click Enable, the screen will look like this:

Step 3: Visit and click “Ok” on the alert.

Step 4: Click the puzzle piece icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, select “Always allow plugins on maps….”  and then click done:


Step 5: That’s it! Enjoy using the site in Chrome until September 2015.

May 2015 Market Update

This month’s issue of STAT leaves us in the middle of our buying season, the time of year when our monthly sales volume peaks. The chart below is based on a 14-year running average of monthly sales volume in Maricopa County. It depicts the seasonal nature of our housing market. There have been 1,143,088 homes sold between January 1, 2001 and December 31, 2014 by ARMLS Subscribers.

14-Year Average Monthly Sales Volume Distribution (2001 – 2014)


Tom Ruff

Tom Ruff

Pending sales contracts hit their highest point in 2014 on April 23 with 8,103 pending listings. Pending sales are a leading indicator of future sales. There were 7,659 total home sales in April of 2014, which was the largest single month in sales volume in 2014. The current high mark for pending sales this year occurred on April 23 the same day as 2014 when 8,766 homes had pending sales contracts. Sales for the first four months of 2015 are 9% higher than sales for the first four months of 2014 and this trend is expected to continue.

When we look at individual monthly sale numbers over the past 14 years, we see that March, April, July and August each accounted for the highest monthly sales total only one year each. May and June, in contrast, accounted for the highest monthly sales volume 5 times.

In STAT last month I talked about the year-over-year improvement we’d seen over the prior two months in the number of newly constructed homes and I used current building permit data as an indicator this trend would continue. In April, The Information Market reported 674 new builds sold in Maricopa County compared to 680 last year at this time. It looks like I backed the wrong horse. I’m a baby boomer and what does any good analyst from my generation do when his conjectures are wrong? I do what we do best, I blame someone else. After evaluating every newly constructed home transaction over the last three months and coupling my observations with analysis done from fivethirtyeight, there was only one conclusion to draw, the Millennials are to blame.

When I went back and reviewed the last three months of new home sales transactions it became clear that the first names of the people purchasing new builds were dominated by boomers, the buyer’s names read like my sixth grade roll call. There is some fantastic statistical analysis on first names corresponding to age, read it here. Simply put, the Millennials are not doing their part, and quite frankly they are running out of excuses. In the first quarter of 2014 Millennials surpassed Generation X and now comprise the largest share of the American workforce. The name article and the chart below support these conclusions.


Walt Hickey, a writer and Millennial at fivethirtyeight, has the best retort to my contempt — “53.5 million – We did it! Millennials are now a plurality of American workers, with 53.5 million people ages 18 to 34 in the workforce in 2015, compared to 52.7 million Gen Xers and 44.6 million baby boomers. I was born in the ’90s and I have a job — get used to it, boomers, my people are here to stay.

Pending Price Index (PPI)
Our last Pending Price Index projected an April 2015 median price of $200,000 with the actual median coming in at $202,700. Looking ahead to May 2015, the ARMLS Pending Price Index projects a median sales price of $205,000. We began May with 12,287 residential listings under contract compared to 11,957 at the beginning of April. May 2015 sales volume will undoubtedly exceed May 2014 (7,445). We expect sales this month to be in line with April’s sales volume figure. Our estimated sales volume last month of 8,500 was 1.6% higher than the actual sales figure of 8,367.

Penalty Policy Change


Based on Subscriber feedback, the ARMLS Board of Directors has approved a change to the new Penalty Policy. Now, the first penalty violation each year has no fine attached (excludes lockbox violations). Before, Subscribers received one penalty violation with no fine for the duration of the policy. Here is the text of the change:

Except for the first Penalty Violation against a Subscriber, these violations will incur an immediate fine as outlined in the table below.

Except for the first Penalty Violation against a Subscriber each year (reset on the first day of January), these violations will incur an immediate fine as outlined in the table below.

Please note: that while we are educating Subscribers on the new Penalty Policy no fines are being issued (with the exception of lockbox violations). We will alert Subscribers when fines resume.

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