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The History of the “I Voted Today” Sticker

The election is being held today and those who vote in-person are rewarded with an “I Voted Today” sticker. The sticker is ubiquitous, but have you ever thought about it? What is the connection between REALTORS® and voting? We wanted to uncover the history of the “I Voted Today” sticker and here’s what we found.

The Phoenix Association of REALTORS® provided an article via our Facebook Page: “In 1985, The Phoenix Board of REALTORS® developed the now famous I Voted Today sticker.” The article goes on to state that over 20 million stickers were donated to Maricopa County and City of Phoenix Election departments.

Diane Scherer says via Facebook, “The Phoenix Association has proudly provided these stickers for all elections since 1985. Showing REALTOR involvement in their community and encouraging all citizens to vote.”

Mystery solved. See the article mention above here and visit our Facebook Page for more engaging content.

This article was originally posted on August 8, 2012.

Contact Management Custom View

The Flexmls Contact Management screen can now be customized to make a more valuable overview of your contacts.

The new columns: E-mail Activity, Date Created and Last Modified can now be added to make the report better. Here’s how:

1. On the Contact Management screen, click Advanced.

2. Click Customize Contact List.

3. Select the columns you want displayed on the Contact Management screen by clicking the green plus arrows. The E-mail Activity, Date Created and Last Modified are new. Don’t forget to click Save Changes when you are done.

E-mail Activity (SV/M/V) Explained:
SV stands for Subscription Views from subscription emails, M stands for manual emails sent and V is the number of manual email views for each contact.

Baseball in the Valley

Riverside Park 1884-1937

Riverside Park (1884-1937) 1929 Tigers

Spring Training is in full swing this year. If you’re not a baseball fan, you may be ignoring a large influence in our market. There are 15 major league teams at 10 ballparks across the Valley which generate an estimated $300 – $400 million of economic benefit each year. Events that bring visitors to the Valley, especially reoccurring events like Spring Training, are good for the real estate industry as frequent visitors often consider investing in a property or rental during their stay. Some may be surprised to know that baseball has been contributing to our economy pre-Cactus League (1947).

People have been watching and traveling to the Valley to watch baseball since the late 1880’s. For example, Riverside Park (pictured above) was built around 1884. The park hosted minor league baseball and major league exhibition games when teams passed through Arizona to California. The park was the spring training home of the Detroit Tigers in 1929. They played visiting teams such as the Cubs, Pirates, and Angels that year. It was located at Central Avenue and the Salt River but was demolished shortly after 1937 when Phoenix Municipal Stadium (I) was built (pictured below).

1978742_675370705835717_1389155769_n (1)
Phoenix Municipal Stadium (I) (1937-1963)
Located at Central Avenue & Mohave, it opened 10 years before the Cactus League was founded but continued to serve until Phoenix Municipal Stadium (II) replaced it at another location. The stadium hosted the Giants, Yankees and many others.

Phoenix Municipal Stadium (II) 1964-2014
Phoenix Municipal Stadium (II) 1964 – ? (now home to ASU baseball)
The replacement of Phoenix Municipal Stadium (I). This stadium hosted the Giants at first and then Oakland A’s. It’s now the home of ASU Baseball since the A’s left for Hohokam park in 2014.

Images courtesy of the Arizona Collection.

Sedona (SVVAR) Listings Now in Monsoon

Monsoon Tax in Sedona SVVAR

Listings from the Sedona Verde Valley Association of REALTORS® (SVVAR) are now in the Monsoon® tax system. SVVAR and PAAR listings are now included in MLS searches by default but can be filtered out using the MLS field:

Monsoon MLS-select field

Why is this awesome?
If you’re working an area where ARMLS / SVVAR / PAAR overlap, being able to get all MLS comps to form a complete picture of the market can be valuable.

SVVAR members will also see PAAR and ARMLS listings inside Monsoon. Sensitive information, like commissions and showing instructions will not be shared between MLSs. Please note there is no offer of compensation across MLSs.

What happens if I belong to ARMLS and SVVAR or PAAR?
You will continue to have more than one MLS login to use Monsoon. While you will be able to see most data in Monsoon with either login credential, to see sensitive fields (like commissions or showing instructions) you will need to be logged in to that particular MLS.

HOA Addendum / Documents in Flexmls


The Arizona Association of Realtors has created a new HOA Addendum document for buyers and sellers to complete before closing. The Arizona Association of REALTORS® Form Workgroup Chair explains the motivation behind this new form:

“Parties were often surprised at close of escrow by previously undisclosed HOA fees that neither the buyer nor seller had agreed to pay. In an effort to avoid this scenario, an AAR forms workgroup created a revised HOA Addendum that promotes a greater level of disclosure of the various fees that are payable upon close of escrow. This greater level of disclosure should allow for fewer surprises, happier clients and successful closings.”

Visit the AAR HOA Info page to find more information about the HOA addendum, as well as to view a sample addendum. You may be prompted for a password when accessing the page.

As a reminder, new documents in Flexmls are Private by default when uploaded for ARMLS Subscribers. A document description selector is also available to aid Subscribers in choosing the correct document visibility setting.


Before posting a document as Public, check out the ARMLS Rules & Regulations and Inappropriate Language Policy to check what can be displayed publicly.


New Flexmls Email System and Intro to the News Feed

The Flexmls system will undergo an overhaul of the email and portal system on September 29. Flexmls will now utilize a permission-based email system, introduce a Subscriptions management component to Auto E-mails, allow instant listing notifications via email and introduce a listing News Feed view in Portals. This blog series explains the new email and portal system in Flexmls.

Read the series in parts or as a PDF:

Permission-Based Email System, New Client Opt-In and Why the Email System Needed Fixing

Auto E-mails Now Called Subscriptions

New Scheduling Options For Subscriptions (formerly Auto E-mails)

Enhanced Listing Emails Now Featuring Photos

Subscriptions Have New Expiration Rules

Introducing The News Feed for Portals

Flexmls: Permission-Based Email System, New Client Opt-in

This post is part of a series explaining the new email and portal system in Flexmls. To read the entire series, click here or you may view the PDF.

New clients must opt-in to receive listings from Flexmls. This change does not apply to manual emails through Flexmls, just automatic emails. A one-time confirmation email will be sent to each new client, prior to the client receiving their first auto email, to confirm that the message was received at a valid email address. This grants consent to send listing updates to the client via Flexmls moving forward. This change is consistent with industry best practices to reduce spam and increase email deliverability for all Subscribers. To read why this change was made, read this post:


Existing clients in Flexmls who already receive emails will continue receiving notifications, there will be no additional action needed for them.

A new client will not receive email notifications of new listings unless they click to confirm their email address. After clicking to confirm, they will begin to receive automatic notifications of new listings that match their search criteria. If a new client does not opt-in via the confirmation email, an additional reminder can be sent. To do this, go to the Contact Management screen under the Contacts menu, select the contact, and click Send opt-in request.


Note: You can only send the reminder once per email address, so it would be appropriate to contact the user personally before re-sending the Opt-in request.

Why The Email System Needed Fixing

This post is part of a series explaining the new email and portal system in Flexmls. To read the entire series, click here or you may view the PDF.

In order to help clarify the new permission-based email system in Flexmls, let’s dive into some detail as to why this change was made.

The current system doesn’t validate the email addresses of your clients, which has led to poor deliverability for all Subscribers. Looking at reports of email deliverability for just one day and just four email providers, we can see that over 100,000 emails failed to deliver to clients.

Email Deliverability Through Flexmls by Email Provider:




(Flexmls Email Delivery Daily Report, 7/1/2015)

How does this happen?
When emails from Flexmls are sent continuously to email addresses that are not opening them, it causes those email providers to no longer allow Flexmls emails to be received at that domain. Many email spam filters keep a running average of open rates by the sender’s domain. Once a domain’s average open rate falls below a threshold, messages from that sender’s domain can be blocked, blacklisted or junked.

The email system is a shared resource; the actions of other Subscribers affect the deliverability for everyone. Frankly put, the current system is being abused by those who do not follow email marketing best practices.

The new opt-in only system will ensure that email addresses added to Flexmls Subscriptions are valid. This is an industry-wide best practice. We expect the deliverability numbers above to rise greatly under the opt-in system as Flexmls will reduce the volume of auto emails to bad email addresses.

The 90-day email expiration rule is not new. In fact, it was introduced 5 years ago. The rule today allows a Subscriber to renew an Auto E-mail regardless of whether or not the person receiving the emails is opening or even receiving them. With an automatic expiration system, the benefit is two-fold. For one, if your clients are looking at a link in at least one of their Subscription emails every 90 days, you will never need to remember to go into the system and manually extend their automatic emails. Secondly, by opting out email addresses that have not clicked a Subscription in 90 days, it helps to ensure the security and deliverability of emails for Subscribers with clients that are utilizing their Subscriptions.

Please note the opt-in system only applies to automatic emails, manual emails through Flexmls do not require an opt-in.

Flexmls: Auto E-mails Now called Subscriptions

This post is part of a series explaining the new email and portal system in Flexmls. To read the entire series, click here or you may view the PDF.

As part of the switch to a permission-based email system, Flexmls will no longer use the term Auto E-mail. Instead, automatic notifications of new listings will be known as Subscriptions. All of the methods in which you could previously create Auto E-mails remain the same.


Flexmls: New Scheduling Options for Subscriptions (formerly Auto E-mails)

This post is part of a series explaining the new email and portal system in Flexmls. To read the entire series, click here or you may view the PDF.

When adding or editing a Subscription, there is now a new option to send the emails ASAP – in other words, as soon as possible. If ASAP is selected, the Subscription will be sent to the selected contact(s) within minutes after a listing is added or changed in the system. Unlike daily or monthly Subscriptions, where the email contains multiple listings that match the search criteria, separate ASAP emails are sent for each listing that matches the search criteria associated with the auto Subscription event. ASAP emails will be delivered in the same format as daily Subscription emails, but will be for a single listing.


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