Essay Contest Winners Announced

ARMLS Essay Contest Home of the Future

The topic was: The Home of the Future

We’d like to thank all 179 entries in our 30th Anniversary Essay Contest. Unfortunately not everyone can win. The winners and prizes can be found below. The winning entries will be posted for everyone to read on 10/9.

The home of the future was well defined by the children and grandchildren of our Subscribers. All entries portrayed a positive outlook of the future, none were apocalyptic and no story took place in a nuclear stone age. We saw some common features through many of the entries:

  1. Green features abound.
  2. Television had surpassed 3D into 4D and surprisingly into 5D in one entry.
  3. Robots or Laser beams cook food.
  4. Walls change colors with the press of a button or touchscreen.
  5. Touchscreens are everywhere.
  6. Homes are only homes with people in them.
  7. The future home floats, flies, or is underground.
  8. Stairs are still dangerous, so elevators and escalators are commonplace.

Essay Contest Winners:

Ages 7-12
1. Rylan Holland – $500
2. Emma Stewart – $250
3. Sydnee Sanchez – $100
HM Logan Kelly – $50
HM Alesia Tallabas – $50
HM Jakob Valdez – $50

Ages 13-18
1. Annika Hillyard – $500
2. Patricia Grahmann – $250
3. Allison Bullock – $100
HM Austin Kelly – $50
HM Kayla Larsen – $50
HM Mykena Hill – $50

HM – Honorable Mention


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