ARMLS Email Never Stops

Postal Worker NewmanPostal worker Newman said it all when he explained why some postal workers go crazy: it’s because the mail never stops. ARMLS Subscribers may feel similarly about ARMLS emails. Some, like Cosmo Kramer, may even want to stop all ARMLS email, or simply delete it unread. But wait, there are some compelling reasons to stay connected with ARMLS.

ARMLS Rule 16.2 states that “Subscribers shall be responsible for maintaining current contact information, including mailing and email addresses with ARMLS and their Associations.” Penalty violation notifications are now sent via email only, so not having a current valid or working email address makes you vulnerable for a penalty if the notification bounces back to ARMLS.

Important information, such as flexAlerts, billing, rule changes, training, statistics and events, also come via email. A delete-all mentality means you miss valuable news. At the bottom of every ARMLS email is a link called Manage Your Subscription. Clicking it takes you to a screen where you can manage emails from ARMLS. It’s that simple. Be careful though not to check Never email me again because you’ll never hear from us again, you won’t even get your annual bill from ARMLS.

Manage emails sent from ARMLS:

1. Click the Manage My Subscription link found on every ARMLS mass email.

(sample button)

(sample button)

2. Select which messages you no longer wish to receive from ARMLS by un-checking each box, but never select Never Email Me Again (we won’t be able to send you billing messages if you check this option! See the image below,



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  1. Robert Levaro

    I receive between 150 and 200 emails a day and it can be daunting to keep up. But there is no question in my mind that each and every piece of email I get from ARMLS is vitally important to my being successful in my business. It’s a great service to allow us to tailor the email we receive from ARMLS. However, my personal opinion is that members that are tempted to opt out of any list are doing themselves a great disservice. Keep up the great work.

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