The ARMLS® APP has arrived! Here’s some quick tips: (Download the ARMLS APP)

See more features on Android
To see more features inside the ARMLS APP on an Android device, swipe your finger right to left on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. Apple devices have a “More” button, as do select Android devices.. (see animation below)

Some PDF or training class links inside News don’t work
This issue can be found on Apple devices, on the bottom of the item, click “View Original Post”, you will then be able to open those links.

I can’t add new listings through the app
This is true, some power users will be disappointed.


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  1. PatMonahan

    Love the new iPad app. Plus the ability to pinch the map rocks.

  2. bazinetr

  3. bazinetr

    Congratulations. You did well.  I’m an iPad user and plan to test it out.

  4. Linda Abretske Gibson via Facebook

    Android ap works great on my tablet. Nice job.

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