The ARMLS APP is on fire with over 8,000 installs in the past three months. We’ve collected user feedback and have the following app tips. Don’t have the ARMLS APP? Download it here.

Search the MLS
After tapping the MLS tab, two MLS options appear – Goomzee and flexmls Mobile. Goomzee has a location search which uses GPS data from your smartphone to find listings in your area, which works well in the field. On iPhone and iPad, the MLS is in the app where in Android the MLS opens in a new window.

Beware of the Second Back Button
In some features of the ARMLS APP there are two “Back” buttons. The top Back button will take you back to the ARMLS APP, while the bottom Back button takes you back one page. see the diagram below. If you are doing a search, hitting the wrong Back button may cause frustration.

Capitalization Matters in Goomzee
When logging in, make sure you use lowercase letters in your userid. Most devices will automatically capitalize the first letter of your userid. This is not an issue with flexmls Mobile.

login screen from ARMLS APP


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