Are Real Estate Designations Meaningful?

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We don’t question the education and knowledge gained in pursuit of a real estate designation, but we do wonder if the public knows what those little letters mean. Furthermore, do Agents know what they mean? We’ve designed a quick quiz, can you spot the REAL and FAKE real estate related designations?

Average score: 7.96 (updated 7/31 2:39pm)
we’ve removed the ® and trademark symbols to level the playing field as the fakes wouldn’t have them.

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  1. Stacie Zastrow Durnford

    Curious if you’ll have an actual article with data on this question? What do history and statistics show…are designations meaningful?

  2. ARMLS via Facebook

    The current average score is 7.9.

  3. Patricia Fox via Facebook


  4. Jody Goodrich

    I don’t think Designations are meaniful. Yes it is important for Relators to take classes and learn more as our industry is constantly evolving, but personally if you claim you are an “expert” you are opening yourself up to more liability. Our clients want to see actions not words/designations.

  5. Jon Griffith

    I think the only one that really matters is REALTOR®. Most of the agents I’ve met who have designations know little about the topic that their designation represents. The only thing I think of when I see them is that they spent time and money in a class. I’m not the average consumer however, so I don’t know how our clients respond to all the jumbled letters at the end of our names.

  6. Debra Savittieri

    For a joke one time I had business cards made up with crazy alphabet soup letters as professional designates behind my name. NOT one person, other agents, client, or Broker ever asked me “what does those designates you have on your card and website even mean?” So, with that said, not only is the answer ‘no’, Designates in letter form, does not mean anything to the public- it means it has no significant value to even the Brokers!

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