A Stroke of Awareness

The following is a special post by ARMLS Trainer Jennifer Mathus about the day her mother suffered a stroke. May is stroke awareness month.

She woke up in the middle of the night and knew something wasn’t right with her body.  And at the time, ignoring it felt like the right decision.  After all, wouldn’t it be selfish to disturb her husband and wake him from his dreamless slumber? Her only thought was that something was definitely wrong and she dreamt about that until she finally woke up in the morning.

When the light finally shone through the curtains, it was time to get up and start the coffee.  After all these years, she still liked to brew the coffee and serve it to him in bed. It was their morning ritual, her way of showing him that she loved him.   As she rolled out of bed and reached for her robe she realized something terrifying – she couldn’t stand up and in fact she collapsed to the ground.  Her leg wouldn’t hold her up, her arm couldn’t grasp the back of the chair, in truth her arm wouldn’t even move.

If you or anybody that you know has the following symptoms – PLEASE make them go to the hospital right away.  There is no time to waste.  Waiting only makes it harder to recuperate, if at all.  If your family member or friend doesn’t want you to call an ambulance, wants to just go to sleep etc… don’t listen to them – make the phone call and get them help.  Every minute counts!

Act F.A.S.T!


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