Ever Wonder About the Bedrooms Plus Field?

photo of hallway and bedroom door

While the Bedroom field still doesn’t have a definition, the Bedrooms Plus field is a bit more concrete. Any room or area in a house that could reasonably be used as a bedroom falls into the Bedrooms Plus category.

Entering Bedrooms Plus in Flexmls
When adding a listing, go to the Details tab, then to Sep Den/Office. By selecting Y in the drop-down, you increase the Bedrooms Plus field by one. Under Other Rooms, you have the option of selecting additional fields, which may increase the Bedrooms Plus field.

Flexmls screen shot

The fields that will increase the Bedrooms Plus field are:
Library-Blt-in Bkcse
Bonus/Game Room

Searching for Bedrooms Plus
If you have a client who needs a certain amount of bedrooms, but they also need another room that could fill-in for a bedroom (like a guest room or office), you can add this field to your search by clicking green plus sign at the bottom of your Quick Search screen and typing in “Bedrooms Plus”.

flexmls search of bedrooms plus

Why Quick Search is Better than Full Search

vector house on computer screen

To Quick Search or to Full Search? That is the question. And when performing a search, you may have wondered which option will give you the best results.

The Winner: Quick Search
There is nothing you can do in a Full Search that you cannot do in a Quick Search. The Quick Search divides out the most common search fields and then allows you to add in additional options that you may need. While both provide you with property results, the Full Search might be causing you to miss out.

Reasons NOT to use Full Search: 

  • It’s slower, as the many tabs and drop down options can become overwhelming
  • It is no longer being updated with new fields
  • No customization options

To make your searching process the most efficient and effective, utilize your Quick Search option for best results.

Is This Listing in a Community Facility District (CFD)?


A Community Facility District or CFD, is a special taxing district set by a municipality or county as a way of obtaining funding for public works, services, schools and improvements within a community. The funding is used for anything from street lights to building parks to road maintenance. We have been exploring ways to bring this information inside the Monsoon Tax System but at this moment this information is found through the county.

How to check if your listing is in a CFD
If you want to check for a specific property or find the fees associated with a particular CFD, you can go to the County Treasurer’s website and type in that property’s parcel number to access that information. From there, view the corresponding year to view its details.


Where do I find the CFDs in my area?
Instead of viewing CFDs on a per parcel basis, many city websites provide CFD information:


Take note, there is a Com Facilities Distr field in Flexmls but it is optional.

How to Send a Portal Invite from Your Phone or Tablet

person texting on cell

Real estate has always been a fast-paced business but perhaps even more so today with our increasing reliance on mobile devices. In addition to sending portal invites from the desktop version of Flexmls, you can now send portal invites from all of your mobile devices using the Flexmls Pro App.

Sending Invites on Mobile
In the Contacts Menu, tap the Send Invite button to the right of the contact.

screenshot of mobile flexmls portal

Alternatively, you can visit an individual’s Contact Detail screen and tap the Send Invite button there.

screenshot of mobile flexmls portal

Both methods take you to the Send Invite screen where you can send the email by tapping Email Invite. Your contact will now receive a portal invitation email. They will need to click the Sign Up button in that email to complete the process. If a contact has already been invited to the portal, there will not be a Send Invite button for that contact on the Contact Menu. Instead, you’ll need to resend a portal invite by going to the Contact Detail screen and tapping Resend Invite, then Resend Email.

Is There a Recommended Website Browser I Should Use With Flexmls?

logos of the top 5 web browsers

Wondering if you’re using the best web browser for Flexmls? Chances are that your preferred browser is good to use already, as Flexmls is designed to be used on all the major browsers. For optimal performance, be sure you’re running the most up-to-date version.

According to FBS, the company that makes Flexmls, these 5 desktop browsers are used the most often to access Flexmls:

  • Chrome* – 48.39%
  • Internet Explorer 11 – 17.3%
  • Safari 10 – 15.61%
  • Firefox* – 10.52%
  • Edge 14 – 7.74%

*Chrome and Firefox automatically update to the latest version unless automatic updating is turned off.

When it comes down to it, it’s really about your personal preference and opinions on which browser you use.

How to Upload a Photo Using a Work-Around

FBS has identified an intermittent problem when some subscribers try to upload photos into Flexmls. If this is you, here’s a fix you can use to make sure new listing photos get uploaded until the issue gets corrected.

If Your Listing Does NOT Have Photos
 If this is the first time you're adding photos to a listing, start by clicking Original Photo Upload.  

screenshot of flexmls error

You’ll be taken to this screen where you can search for and upload images by clicking Add Files.

error in flexmls screenshot

Once you’ve selected your images, click Start Upload.

Flexmls screenshot

If Your Listing Has Photos
 If your listing already has photos, the process will be will be the same, but with one additional step. Begin by clicking Original Photo Upload.

screenshot of flexmls error

You’ll be taken to the photo page where you can view all of your current images. Click Add Photo.

Flexmls screen shot

You’ll be taken to this screen where you can search for and upload images by clicking Add Files.

error in flexmls screenshot

Once you’ve selected the images you’d like to add, click Start Upload.

Flexmls screenshot

Once you’ve uploaded photos, you’ll be able to reorder, edit and mark one as the Primary.

How To Edit Flyers

cartoon woman with open house flyer

Ever wanted to create a simple flyer for an open house you are sitting or for one of your own listings? Flexmls makes it quick and easy to generate flyers from active listings.

Generating Flyers
From the Listing’s Detail report, click Print in the top right of your screen. From the Listings to Print or E-mail page, make sure Current Listing is selected, Version is set to Public and you have selected one of the five options for Flexmls flyers under the Detail section.

Flyer page screen shot

Click Preview at the bottom of the page. The Edit button will be grayed out. After a moment, a preview of your flyer will display on the screen and you’ll be able to click Edit. 

Flexmls flyer preview screen

Clicking Edit will take you to the editing screen where you can make changes to the flyer. By selecting a given photo and clicking on List Photos, you will be able to select a different photo for that space on your flyer. Keep in mind that after replacing the photo, you might need to resize it by clicking and dragging the photo edges. The editing page also makes it simple for you to change the size, font and content of any text on the flyer.

flyer page screen shot

Finally, don’t forget to name your flyer (top left of the screen) and save it (top right of your screen). To access your flyer in the future, go to the Contacts tab and select Presentations. Your flyer will be under Documents.

Your Name vs. Your Marketing Name

Cartoon hand holding generic id

Do you go by a name other than what’s on your birth certificate? Are you a James at home but “Big Jim” with your clients? How about an Elizabeth who prefers to go by Liz? Or do you simply prefer your middle name to your first name? Tip: ADRE has a rule on using a nickname to advertise, so make sure you know the rules.

As a Subscriber, you have the power to add a marketing name to your personal profile in Flexmls, which will appear on any Flexmls materials you print out for your clients. Your flyers, customizable business cards, CMAs or any other printable materials will feature your marketing name instead of your legal name. Using this option can help give you more control over your business and help avoid any name confusion.

Updating Your Name
From the Flexmls home screen, click on the drop-down arrow in the upper right hand side and select My Profile. From there, click My Names.

My Names Screenshot

In the Marketing Name field, enter the name you’d like to be on all printed documents.

Screenshot of My Names section

Be sure to change the Default Public View Name from System Name to Marketing Name.

Screenshot of my names screen in flexmls

Township, Section, Range – What Do They Mean?

Township of Arizona

Ever wonder how the Township, Range and Section are determined? Well get ready for a history lesson.

Our story begins in 1785, toward the end of the American Revolution as the U.S. received new land in thanks to the Treaty of Paris. In order for the U.S. to properly assess the new land, the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) was developed to plat or divide real property for sale or settling. The PLSS is now the primary surveying method for the majority of America, excluding the original 13 colonies and Texas.

Color map of the US

How the System Works
First, a baseline is established that runs east to west. In Arizona, it’s Baseline Road. Then a principal meridian, which runs north and south is defined. Our principal meridian is the Gila River or roughly 115th Avenue. Next, lines parallel to the baseline are plotted along the map. These are called standard parallels. These three lines, the baseline, principal meridian and standard parallels, form a foundation grid that allows for more detailed survey work.

basic grid map

Township lines that run parallel to the baseline are plotted, typically in intervals of 6 miles. Range lines that run parallel to the principle meridian are plotted, usually in 6 mile intervals.

basic grid map

Once the township is established it is then divided into 36 sections measuring 1 square mile, giving us what we see in our tax records today.

basic grid map

Here is an example using Monsoon. 

Monsoon township screenshot


  • This property is in section 31, 1 Township north of the baseline and 4 Ranges east of the principle meridian.

Three Quick Flexmls Changes

Flexmls rolled out three small changes today, and while they aren’t groundbreaking, you may find them helpful:

  1. Additional language was added when selecting preview mode on subscriptions but the functionality remains the same. The added wording aims to clear up a common misunderstanding of the feature.
  2. Hot Sheets have a new look but same purpose.
  3. A Select All on the photos screen allows you to delete up to 50 photos in bulk. Keep in mind, you must leave at least one photo of the front exteriorly with the listing.
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