Does My Lockbox Have A Warranty?

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Defective lockboxes are relatively rare. In fact, since January 2016 only 0.6% of all lockboxes were found to be faulty. But just because broken lockboxes are uncommon doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Should you find yourself with a faulty iBox Bluetooth lockbox, rest assured knowing you’re covered under warranty (as long as it’s registered with SupraNet).

If your lockbox is acting up, give a call into our Helpdesk so we can troubleshoot and try to get things back to normal. If we find your lockbox is defective, we’ll send you the Warranty Request Form. When filling out this form, pay attention to two often overlooked areas.

All Fields on the Warranty Request Form Must be Completed
Some commonly overlooked fields include a signature, serial number, shackle code and the location of the lockbox. Missing anyone of the items in the list can delay the replacement process.

The Warranty Request Form Must be Completed by the Lockbox Owner 
It’s common for other agents to run across a problem with a lockbox and contact ARMLS to report it as defective. While anyone can contact the Helpdesk for assistance with a difficult lockbox, only the owner can complete the Warranty Request Form.

Discover Your Sales Stats

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Ever wondered how many listings you’ve sold over the last year or even over your entire real estate career? Maybe you’re curious as to how your sales stats match up to other agents. No matter your reason, we’ve got the solution for you!

The Statistics tab in Flexmls provides many useful reports that you can run on your own sales data. Simply go to the Statistics tab and select Inventory & Production.

Screenshot of Statistics Tab

From there, you’ll find a wide variety of reports. Here are a few to start with:

Agent Listing Activity Report
The Agent Listing Activity Report (formerly the Member List/Sale Report) will give you all your listings (active, sold, and other statuses) in a specified time period. Please note that the system will only let you run statistics on yourself and not on other agents’ listing activity.

Saturation Analysis Report
Another useful report is the Saturation Analysis (formerly the Market Share Report). It allows you to view your listing and sales activity in comparison to your office or to the MLS as a whole.

Yearly Market Comparison Report
This report lets you compare your productivity year over year.  It can also be run for the  MLS as a whole.

Pro Tip: For all reports, always select “Show my activity from prior offices” to make sure you don’t miss any of your sales activity.

New Flexmls Update: Portal Star Ratings

On November 30, when a portal user clicks the star icon to save a listing, they will then be able to give the listing an additional rating to indicate their level of interest.

star rating screenshot of flexmls

If your clients use the star/save feature, listings can then be sorted by their star level (not pictured).

Get in Gear for Vacation Rentals

Calendar with sticky notes

‘Tis the season when many of our snowbird friends migrate to the desert from northern climes. With a Valley full of potential renters, now is the time to use and perfect the vacation rental calendar.

One of the most frequent calls that the ARMLS Help Desk receives about rental listings is, “How do I extend the Vacation Rental Availability Calendar?” This calendar will only appear if you’ve designated the listing as a Vacation Rental. You can answer “Yes” to Vacation Rental by going to the listing’s Change screen and then selecting Listing Information.
Screenshot of change listing screen

Beyond labeling your listing as a Vacation Rental, pay special attention to the listing’s Marketing End Date, which Flexmls defines as “The date between now and which you are looking to rent this property. This date acts as the end date for the ability to market the property as Available/Unavailable on the Availability Calendar”.

Screenshot of marketing end date screen

If you need to extend the Vacation Rental Availability Calendar, be sure to first extend the Marketing End Date under Listing Information. Flexmls will not allow you to extend Vacation Rental Availability Calendar beyond the Marketing End Date. For example, if the property owners want the listing to be available for rent through December 2017 but the Marketing End Date is set for September 30, 2017, then the Vacation Rental Availability Calendar won’t show anything after September. In this case, the listing agent needs to make sure that the Marketing End Date isn’t before Dec 31, 2017.

How to Fix a False Close

contact graphic

Many of us have experienced a false close in Flexmls—when your listing closes in the system before it closes in reality. Once the listing moves into closed status in the MLS, the listing agent can no longer edit that listing, even to correct the status. It’s important to fix a false close, as this can result in a violation if reported by another Subscriber (if the false close is self reported, no violation is incurred). If you find yourself in this scenario, here are two quick ways to correct this common error.

Reach Out to Your Broker 
After a listing closes in Flexmls, your designated broker has seven days to make the correction on your behalf. Once the broker changes the listing back to Active status, you will have the ability to update the status to UCB, CCBS or Pending.

Email Data Integrity a Status Change Request
You can send an email to with a request to have the status corrected. Be sure to include the MLS#, the correct status and the new COE date. Data Integrity processes these requests in the order in which they are received, but typically they are able to correct the error in about 1-2 business days.

The History of the “I Voted Today” Sticker

The election is being held today and those who vote in-person are rewarded with an “I Voted Today” sticker. The sticker is ubiquitous, but have you ever thought about it? What is the connection between REALTORS® and voting? We wanted to uncover the history of the “I Voted Today” sticker and here’s what we found.

The Phoenix Association of REALTORS® provided an article via our Facebook Page: “In 1985, The Phoenix Board of REALTORS® developed the now famous I Voted Today sticker.” The article goes on to state that over 20 million stickers were donated to Maricopa County and City of Phoenix Election departments.

Diane Scherer says via Facebook, “The Phoenix Association has proudly provided these stickers for all elections since 1985. Showing REALTOR involvement in their community and encouraging all citizens to vote.”

Mystery solved. See the article mention above here and visit our Facebook Page for more engaging content.

This article was originally posted on August 8, 2012.

PAR Remodel

PAR Remodel over tool assortment

ARMLS is excited to announce that our Support Center and training facility at the Phoenix Association of Realtors (PAR) is all new and has moved inside the courtyard. At PAR, our most centralized location in the Valley, has gone under a complete remodel, including a fully equipped training facility, new computers and a state of the art projector. Remember that you do not need to be a member of PAR to take a class here. As an ARMLS Subscriber, you’re able to take advantage of any one of our Valley classes.

Real Life Haunted House Quiz

Haunted HouseYou know houses, but how well do you know haunted houses? Test you knowledge of some of the most famous ominous abodes and disturbing dwellings.

You know houses, but how well do you know haunted houses? Test you knowledge of some of the most famous ominous abodes and disturbing dwellings.

Quiz not showing? Click here.

What Goes in the Public Remarks Section?

Binder full of rules

Seeing inappropriate comments in the Public Remarks section of a listing is a right of passage for most Subscribers. But what you might not know is those comments are not only obnoxious, they can often be in direct violation of the Rules and Regulations.

Section 11.6 of the Rules and Regulations provides a clear description of what the Public Remarks section is for and what is appropriate to put within this section.

Public Remarks

What to Post
The public remarks section should only be used for describing the property, for example:

“Great home in a gated community.”

What NOT to Post
Do not post any personal/promotional information within this section, including:
Your name
Phone number

If you have any questions regarding this or any other rule in the ARMLS rule book or Inappropriate Language policy you can get answers by reaching us at 480-303-7249 or by email.

Key Pouch Placement for New Lockboxes

cartoon man on knees in despair with jammed lockbox

There are few things more embarrassing to a real estate agent than taking a client to a home and encountering a jammed lockbox.

If this has happened to you before, we feel your pain. If this hasn’t happened to you, here are a few suggestions on how to make sure it never happens—saving you time, money and many headaches.

Where to Place the Key
The key pouch is marked with a green sticker key image, indicating that this is the correct area to place your key(s).

Lockbox key pouch

Where NOT to Place the Key
On the back of the box is an image of a key with a circle and line cutting through it. This indicates that you should not place the key back there whatsoever, as this can jam the lockbox.

non key pouch on a Lockbox

Jammed Lockbox Encounters
Should you encounter a stuck lockbox, Supra has provided a few tips on how to get things working again.

“Grasp the keybox with one hand, then reach under the keybox and try to wiggle the key container to loosen it, then try to obtain the key again. If it appears that a house key is jammed between the keybox and the key container, AND the keybox is yours, try sliding a thin strong object such as a metal fingernail file up between the inside of the keybox and the key container, to dislodge it.

If you are unable to loosen the key container, AND the keybox is yours, remove the keybox from the listing and contact your Association/MLS for further instructions.

Note: If the keybox is NOT yours, please contact the listing agent and let them know there is a problem with the keybox. Please do not attempt anything that could cause damages to someone else’s keybox.”

Obstructed lockboxes are a real thing that can happen to anyone at any time. While misplacing a key seems innocent, it can easily delay or spoil a listing for the next agent. Remember, only you can prevent jammed lockboxes.

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